Smooth Move

I havn’t got my internet connected quite yet, but just wanted to let everyone out there know the move went quite smoothly.  I had been quite anxious for weeks.  The day finally came and four of my friends showed up to help me move on moving day.   I’m really blessed and thankful to them for their help, thanks Turk, Mike, Gavin, and Berry.   I rented a u-haul, and it was actually a quick move, only a few hours.   Then the unpacking.   I’ve only got about 2 more boxes left, just my books for my bookshelf.   Pictures will be coming soon.   I love my new place.   First of all their is quiet and peace, no loud music, no dogs pacing at night on the floor above waking me at all hours of night, no stomping of feet from an upstairs neighbor, just peace and quiet.   I moved into a nice clean little house, that seemed to be just waiting for me.  I’m ready for an internet connection so I can write more and read everyone’s blogs.   Hopefully within the next week.   I’m still a proud uncle and so ready to head back up to Georgia to see how much little Gavin has grown.  I started my first blog exactly four years ago.  Kind of trips me out that I’ve been doing it that long.  Here’s my first blog entry from so many years ago, back when aol blogs were just coming out.

Well much more to come.   Living in the present, and loving it!


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4 Responses to “Smooth Move”

  1. Happy to hear the move went well.

  2. Well, I’m glad you had a smooth transition into your new place! I missed that you were even moving!

  3. Glad your move went well. M and I are heading up April 27th for the concert. We plan to be in JAX by 11 if you want to get together. Miss you!

  4. Glad to hear that your move went well. Hopefully no sore muscles have since emerged. Welcome home! 😀

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