About to be an Uncle again, revision, I’m an uncle again


Once again I’m going to be an Uncle.   Amy just went into labor today, so I will probably be headed home in the morning.   Little Gavin Ryder will be born tonight, or maybe tomorrow.  My brother will be having his first son.   The family name will be carried on.  In the midst of me trying to get packed and ready to move, events that alter the present sometimes occur.   I’m so excited.   Another baby, about to change all of our lives I know.  Coming so close to Easter.   If he’s born today he’s born on Maundy Thrusday, and if it’s tomorrow Good Friday.  Celebrating birth around the anniversary that Our Lord took death upon Himself on that cruel cross of pain for our sins.  So celebrating Eternal life as well.   Lord get me home safe, help my car make it so I can be with my family.   I pray for little Gavin as he comes into this world to be filled with love from all of his family, very much wanted and loved.   So I should have some baby pictures coming soon.  This is the new baby Giraffe from the Jacksonville Zoo that’s a few weeks old, with his mom and dad.



Now to get changed it’s Thursday too, and some folks have been asking for a HNT


That’s right little Gavin Ryder was born at 11:55 tonight.  I’m leaving in the morning, can’t wait to see him.  Now I wish I had left after I got off work tonight, lol.


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6 Responses to “About to be an Uncle again, revision, I’m an uncle again”

  1. Great name choice! 🙂

  2. Congrats to a very handsome uncle! My best wishes for you all.

  3. Congratulations. It’s an amazing time. Find something that will be for just you and them. They’ll remember it forever 🙂

  4. Congratulations to you be an uncle again, Derek!

  5. How terrific for your brother and family. What a blessing for Easter. Be safe and bring back baby pics. Congrats uncle Derek!

    Happy Easter

  6. […] will be born tonight, or maybe tomorrow.? My brother will be having his first son.?? The family namehttps://deveil.wordpress.com/2008/03/20/about-to-be-an-uncle-again/aloft Breaks Ground in Jacksonville, Florida Centre Daily Timesaloha! Starwood Hotels & Resorts […]

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