There’s something about this Lion, I felt like it was looking right at me, it didn’t want to eat me though.   I always loved the Lion in the Wizard of Oz, and Aslan in, “The Narnia Chronicles”  Something magical about these beautiful creatures.   Our church went to the zoo early Saturday morning.  More pics later, I’ve got to hit the sack.  I’m about to start a new journey, I havn’t written about it, I’ve been quite nervous and anxious.   Yes even worrying about it.   I’m moving into a new place the first of the month.  Saying goodbye once again to what I’ve called home for a few years.   The first place I moved into with Mike, I’ve only lived with one other man.   This place holds lots of memories.   So as much as I am looking forward to beginning again and a new start.   I’m also saying goodbye, and letting go.   I tried hard to hold onto this space, but things out of my control just kept pulling me in other directions.  It’s easy for me to panic when I face serious changes or concerns.  Keep me in your thoughts.   I will try not to worry so much.    I will just continue putting my trust in God.   I know He will give me what I need.   I’m thankful for my friends.  


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6 Responses to “Lion”

  1. Good for you! that you are moving on despite the anxiety to do whatever you are about to do.
    When we move on we seldom run the notion by our faith; we run it by our fears rather.

    so good for you for having the courage of the one lion and the faith in the other lion.

  2. I’m a Leo and I sure as hell don’t have hair like that!

  3. I’m a Leo and I sure as hell don’t have hair like that! And just think of this new move as God giving you a second chance. It’s your time to shine.

  4. Here is wishing you the boldness of a lion as you move forward. I am sure it will all work out fine.

    With Much Love

  5. Best luck for the moving and hope that things go well for you.

  6. I always related best to the Cowardly Lion. He was able to always go forward, but sometimes he had to take a few steps back and build himself up before proceeding. As cheesy as it sounds, let go and let God! *Muah* You will be ok!

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