Fine Friday: Richard and Photo Friday: The Good Life




It’s time for Fine Friday, I kind of like using my blogger bud’s as my Fine Men, there’s a lot of you guys out there.   Today I was thinking of Richard at , tomorrow is his thirty sixth birthday, and I couldn’t resist making him my Fine Friday man.   He’s brilliant, funny, and sexy as he can be, I mean look he’s all of the Village People and we can have a fantasy of him as each one.  He’s a great writer too.   I’ve been hooked on his blog for a while now.   I wish I lived in California sometimes.   Well I guess I should visit before I make statements like that.   Check him out, he’s the bomb.  Here’s is personal website.
    It’s Photo Friday today as well, and it’s The Good Life
    Something about this picture of my niece I took last week  made me think of the good life, it’s always good but it’s especially good when I have family here close.   We were shopping and she saw this chair and she just plopped down on it, waiting for me to take a picture.   She knew I would.   She’s always like butterflies ever since I wrote this story about her.  We had just looked at Swarkovski butterflies for her birthday right before we found this bench, and I did a little photoshop with another one of my pictures to put her in this little magical bench.




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5 Responses to “Fine Friday: Richard and Photo Friday: The Good Life”

  1. WOOF! Richard is smoking hot! You sure do know how to pick ’em. 😉

    What a cute photo of your niece.

  2. Your fine Friday post has made a fine Monday for me. YUMMY!.

    The fairytale pic is just magical.

  3. Great photo of your niece. Looks magical.

    Richard is a hottie. Great pics of him!

  4. what a handsome fellow; and the village people set up is to die.

  5. I’m blushing all shades of red right now… like a spanked bottom, or something like that. Thanks for the love. You’re the best!

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