Monday reflecting on the Weekend

Wow, I had a great time this weekend with my family.    The bottom picture is of me today, tired and wore out, I really didn’t want to go to work today I was so tired.   Mom, Dena, Autumn, and Lisa, she’s like a sister, she’s Sherry’s best friend came down on Friday.   One of Sherry’s childhood and good friends mother passed away this past week.   So Sherry was there for her friend on Friday, but came up Saturday after the funeral.   It was so good seeing everyone.   I sure was missing everyone, and love em all so much.   The first night I had cheese and chocolate covered strawberries for them, Autumn chocolate chip cookies and milk for bedtime.   This was her face after eating them. 27810089.jpg The first night we blew it out, went to a fun club and danced.   Dena must have danced every song of the night.   It was kind of funny, Dena and me both had this girl hitting on us, the same girl, then someone asked us did we swing, we looked at them and said we’re brother and sister, I told them she had a swingset in her backyard that we swang on sometimes.  It was really a lot of fun.  We stayed out till the wee hours.  It was 80’s night, so I felt like I was at my prom listening to music.   The next day I cooked lunch for everyone, and we went shopping.   Dena went and got her haircut, as mom did too.   Here’s Dena’s before and after  shots, beautiful in both to me. 27810084.jpg dena21.jpg She also got a push up bra from Victoria’s secret, and she couldn’t quit looking down at her bust.  I also took Autumn to the “Build a Bear Workshop, while everyone was shopping and getting beautiful.  This was my first time there, and it was kind of magic, and priceless for me for the whole weekend just watching her.   She made little Leah from scratch, stuffed her, picked out a heart, did all kinds of magic stuff with the heart, picked out clothes, got on a little bear computer and made her birth certificate.    Autumn carried little Leah around the entire weekend, to dinner’s lunch’s everything.  Here’s Autumn and Leah.   Autumn is getting so big.  I can’t believe she’ll be eight the end of the month.   Seems like yesterday I was holding her in my arms for the first time, like she’s holding Leah.   27810023.jpg  27810002.jpg 27810003.jpg.  Mama got her hair did too, and it looked really pretty.  I got the prettiest mom in the world.   I think I’ve told her this since I was a little boy.   27810043.jpg27810055.jpg  Sherry got in while we were shopping.   She was so ready to see Mama.   We realize how blessed we are.   We were all upset Sherry wasn’t with us the first night, because she’s the one that made it all possible for them to come down in the first place, it was all her idea and plan for them to get away.   But she was where she was supposed to be during a time of need.   That’s just how Sherry is.   Always there for you.   sherry.jpg27810025.jpg27810024.jpg Lisa was a lot of fun the whole weekend, and she’s definately a wonderful friend to Sherry, I can tell how much she loves her.   They are definately there for each other.  We all went out to Bb’s for Dena’s birthday, and we joked them about being girlfriends, and Autumn wasn’t too thrilled with the idea of those two being gay, lol.  But Mom said we’re all gay tonight.  Lisa is a lot of fun, and I was so glad she was there with us.   We danced and had fun.  27810039.jpg27810029.jpg27810028.jpg  Dinner was wonderful.   We all ate and drank and got merry.   We dropped mom and Autumn off after dinner and went out for a while.  Dena got wild on the electronic bull, Sherry tried doing a coyote ugly on the bar, but they wouldn’t let her.  The next day we lost an hour.   But mom and me made it up and she went to church with me while everyone else slept.   It was really nice having here in church with me.   Turk’s mom was down as well, and I got to meet her.   Then we got everyone up and all went shopping at the town center mall, after a big meal at PF Changs.   When we got back in the car, our noses were  burning from all the cologne and perfume we had sprayed on us.  They got on the road late in the afternoon.   And I finally got home for some rest.   The only thing I regretted was I got no pictures of me with anyone.   But I got some good ones of them.  The last picture is of me taking my shirt off and going to bed, very very tired.momrere.jpg27810010.jpg27810005.jpg

Say good night Gracie!  Good night Gracie!




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6 Responses to “Monday reflecting on the Weekend”

  1. Hot pics of you! Woof!

    That is so hilarious about the “swinger” comment. People always think my sister and I are bf/gf when in public.

    Good to hear you had a fun weekend! Be good, Derek 😉

  2. WOW! Talk about a full weekend. Good times with good people. You are blessed and a blessing.

  3. small wonder you are tired
    but the photos are good as always
    you have nice eyes – have i told you that yet?

  4. Nice pictures of you and your family! Glad that you spent quality time with them.

  5. Holy Smokes! I have never seen more family pics and stories in my life. Just like the handsome men you post, they just keep on a coming! (The pictures, not the men!)

  6. I would have been just as exhausted, if not more so. But at least you had a great time getting exhausted. 😉 God forbid if it was work that left you exhausted for the weekend. Sherry is quite photogenic and able to exude different moods by the way she smiles or holds her head.

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