Fine Friday: Robert


I decided to post my Fine Friday entry a few hours early tonight.  I need to support my bloggers more with my Fine Friday’s.   I love finding new bloggers.   I found Robert on a bearsite, and have been reading his blog since I found it.  I just recently started reading his blog  I thought he has some pretty intense eyes, but mostly I think he makes a nice addition to my Fine Friday’s.   His entries have heart, they make me smile, and heck he’s Fine.   So everyone give a welcome to a fairly new blogger.  Give him some encouragement.


~ by deveil on MarchUTCb000000pmThu, 06 Mar 2008 22:59:59 +000008 19, 2007.

4 Responses to “Fine Friday: Robert”

  1. Wow. Robert staring back at me from this post, was a pleasing start to my day.

    The image on your shaved post is striking.


  2. I’m back from the flu! He is hot!!!! You are just as cute with the new look. 🙂 Me likes the less is more look. HUGS

  3. I am SO flattered. LOL, all I keep thinking is thank God for good lighting. What a sweet man you are to mention me. I’m very new to this whole thing and it’s just been fun, cathartic and a blessing. In Toronto we have a newspaper called The Toronto Sun. I don’t read it much because it’s a pretty right wing bias BUT they have this feature called (or they used to) the Sunshine Girl and Sunshine Boy. I’m tellin’ ya! I feel like a Sunshine Boy. I’m blushing from head to toe. And when I blush it starts at the back of my neck. Thanks!

  4. Robert is very attractive (hubba hubba). Thanks for posting him…and thanks for the link.

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