I shaved again


I was thinking back on a time when I was feeling deep dark sorrow, and hurting times.  Then someone would come along and tell me that something good can emerge from it all.  I mean a well meaning person who was trying to encourage me to trust.  I think back on the that time, and instead of being grateful, I felt offended.  I wish I could go back and change many things, but looking back that’s honestly how I felt.  I remember when I first started going into therapy.  And my therapist telling me this was going to be work.  Somewhere in the back of my mind, I was thinking, I’ll do the work, but the further I get the easier it will get.  That’s not necessarily true, I have found out.  I mean some things are easier.  But things don’t just get easier.  I try not to get discouraged.  There are times when I feel like hurts and fears are going to make me close my eyes and go back into that shell I was once in.  But like I was trying to express earlier, that feeling doesn’t go away, that feeling that everything will be ok.  Something keeps me going.  Maybe it’s His compassion, His loving care, we can begin to hear again even as the hurt continues to heal.  I had a nice weekend, I saw a face from the past this weekend, I wrote about him a while back at this post.


It was great seeing Del again after so long.   It was nice catching up with someone on what’s been going on in my life, and hearing about his.   He’s still as talented as I remember, he does pottery, and has a art gallery, and a place to sell the things he makes.  Time goes too fast, just makes me realize to be thankful for everything I’m blessed with.  Sunday was a wonderful  day at church, ran around with Turk, Karl, and Drew, then went to see “The Spiderwick Chronicles”.   Last night I had chorus practice, and it’s sounding really good.   Then tonight, I decided it was time to shave my wooly bully self.  I wish I had taken a picture of how thick the beard was before I shaved.  Hope all are having a good week.


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4 Responses to “I shaved again”

  1. that was a lovely post

  2. man, those eyes REALLY stand out with no fuzz to distract. but i do like a little fuzz around the face too. hum, choices.

  3. An honest posting. We’re under the influence that life gets easier as we get older. I find it’s much more gray than the black and white of youth. P.S. – Bearded or shaved, still damned handsome.

  4. Cool photo of you!

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