Monday Macho Man


Today is Cox’s birthday, so I wanted to write a special Happy Birthday to him.  He’s a special guy to me.  He’s been such a great friend to me these last few years.  I wish many things for my friend but first I wanted to tell you why he is so special to me.   He listens.   I always know when I call him and have any hurts or heartaches I want to talk about  he will listen.   He offers his presence if it’s just a phone call.   He’s one of my true friends, he doesn’t try and figure things out for me, he just listens.   He’s also one of my brother’s in our UCC church.  He never rush’s me or gives me an answer, he just respect’s me and lets me tell my story. he lets me tell what’s in my heart.   I trust him, and he’s just my friend.   I only have a few close friends, and I am sure thankful for them. Many of the wish’s I had for him have come to pass.  I’m so glad Gavin came into his life, and vice versa.   They compliment each other, and it’s wonderful to watch.   So my friend I wish for you to always have people to love, people in your life who will care about you.   Blue skies and pretty days to keep you smiling and working in the yard.  Exciting things to do , easy answers to any problems you may encounter, knowledge to make the right decisions, strength in your values, laughter and fun, happiness in all that you do, which is easy because you always have a smile on your face.   Cox, I wish for you to have a beautiful experience each new day as you follow your dreams.  Hope all your birthday wishes come true.  If it was Friday he’s be my Fine Friday Man, but since it’s his birthday, he’s my Macho Monday Man, lol.


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  1. Cool post!, bro

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