Listen to the Radio

I havn’t done a Just thinking of them post in a while, today I’ve been listening to music on the internet.  Before the last Mike there was a Mike, how is it I always have Mike’s in my life? Anyway I was listening to music, and you know how a song comes on and you think of someone, well a song came on and it made me think of him.   When I first met the radioioguy it was a happy time.  He started his business in a spare roomin his home and grew it to what it is today. 

Top-rated Internet guru Mike Roe  launched a total of twelve new subscription streams within the first three months of this year.

Mikes  first set of new streams  included Alternative rock, Acoustic, Ambient, 70s progressive rock, 80s Alternative rock, contemporary Jazz, and 20th century Classical formats. The streams are available in hi- and lo-bit Real, Windows Media, and streaming MP3 streams. 
Mike is and was very ambitious, I’ve always said I hoped it would rub off on me sometime.  It was great having him as a  friend.   The picture above is of us on the space needle in Seattle, Washington.  I really loved it out there, have you ever been somwhere before and you just knew you were supposed to be there, or it felt familiar and you were just at peace? I still hear songs and it takes me back to that wonderful trip to the other coast.  I remember when we first met, and I would listen to his voice on the station, and he would play a song that he knew I especially liked.  Those songs still make me think of him, he was the musicman for me.   


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6 Responses to “Listen to the Radio”

  1. There you go again….tempting, tantalizing, and taunting.

  2. “Just thinking of them” posts are among my favorites! I just read your blog and wanted to let you know I really enjoyed it. You left a comment on my partner’s blog and I’m glad I had the chance to read yours. Great writing. As it happens, I’m a radio guy too. Traditional radio though, not the web version. I look forward to reading more, thanks!

  3. I listen to XM all day long at work. Friday I tuned into “80’s Alternative” and heard “Rock The Casbah” which reminded me of my very first concert!

  4. Great post and nice pictures again!

  5. lovely photos as always
    and love men as well
    where or where to you find them?

  6. Them some BIG Furry Furocious Bears in those beautiful mountains!

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