Fine Friday: PHIL Hunk of the Week

This week my Fine Friday or Hunk of the Week comes all the way from London, he didn’t always live in London, he actually lived in Jacksonville years ago while in the Navy.   I’m only four years younger than he is but I remember staring at him in the old Phoenix here in Jacksonville, he never paid much attention to me in those days.   But boy did I pay attention to him.   Those blue eyes would take your breath away, you can’t really tell in the pictures, I sure would enjoy taking some pictures of him myself.   I used to love to watch him take his shirt off and dance, and he always hung out with the really good looking men.  I hung out with my lifeguard buds, he with his navy buds.  All my friends knew I had the hots for him, it was kind of funny.  I also used to go to the gay beach every weekend, I used to wish I would see him there, but never did.   So when he sent me these beach pictures I was like my fantasies are going again.  Anyway I saw him on one of the sites recently and started chatting with him, and it was him that lived here years ago when I was but a young man.   He was a young man too.   I used to fantacize about him a lot in those days, so it was a pleasant surprise to see him after all these years, still as sexy as ever. He’s got a great man in his life and is very happy, so it makes me feel good to see some people can find it.  Maybe I’ll get to see them this year at Gay Days at Disney. I posted one of his partner as well, quite a hunk himself.  They done good!  It’s Photo Friday today too, the subject is Machine, unfortunately I didn’t take the picture of him on the motercycle, but damn what a machine between his legs.

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3 Responses to “Fine Friday: PHIL Hunk of the Week”

  1. I know I’ve said it many more times than once, but you have the hottest friends and family. Minus this one. Exceptions have to be made.

  2. you sure know some lovely men.

  3. hey, I know phil….met him a couple times when he lived in san diego a few yrs ago….nice and sexy guy

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