Way Back Wednesday


I often look at other people’s blogs and get idea’s for entries, I was looking at Brettcajun’s entry today at http://brettcajun.blogspot.com/2008/01/slow-down-sally.html  , made me think of those that came before us that without them there would be us.   I was lucky enough to know one of my great grandmother’s so I thought I’d write about her.  I also added a little page of all my great grandparents that I have pictures of that without any of them, I wouldn’t be here.  It took all of them for me to be here, sure am thankful for each one of them that had a part in making me.  

Way Back Wednesday: Annie 

My great grandma Annie was born April 18, 1885 on the Washington/Baldwin County line. She was born in her families home.  She came from a family of 16 being the second eldest of the family. There was twenty five years from the oldest to the youngest child in the family. She came from a prominent family of the south. The family going back to the late 1780’s also from Baldwin County. Her grandfather was the sheriff of Baldwin County. Growing up in a small town she met my great grandfather and went to school with him throughout her childhood. On Dec 24, 1902, they married in the family home.  She had nine children but lost one to illness as a baby which always caused her great sadness.  She was a good Christian woman who went around in horse and buggy picking up the children in the area on Sunday mornings and taking them to Sunday School where she was the teacher. I remember her better than I remember any of my great grandparents. My early memories were of her big house. Also her german shepherd which was her constant companion and took good care of her, I was scared to death of that dog. We had many wonderful family reunions at her house. They had 18 grandchildren and I was one of 43 great grandchildren so you can just imagine how big those reunions were and how much wonderful food there was. My great grandfather went into a nursing home first, and then years later she went in and they shared a room together. I spent many Sundays as a young boy in the nursing home and visiting all the older people. She had alzheimer’s diesease and I remember it’s impact on the family. She was 95 when she passed away. I remember her hands and touching them, my great aunt took my hands and put them on hers, she said my mama has beautiful hands hard working hands, loving hands. I will never forget that. I remember her hair like cotton, and her beautiful smile. I remember the room she shared in the nursing home with my great grandfather, I remember her when she didn’t know who I was but enjoyed the visits from this little boy who would bring her smiles.


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2 Responses to “Way Back Wednesday”

  1. What a great post, Derek. As an amateur genealogist in my family, I love seeing and reading about family past.

    This post also made me miss the many relatives that are no longer in my life, but only in my memories. *big hug*

  2. Awww… I always love it when you give me a little linkie loving Derek! 😛 Very nice pictures.

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