From Honey to Turkey to Honey


Have you ever thought about what it would be like if the two people who met and fell in love, hadn’t met.  Well thank goodness my parents did meet.   I don’t remember seeing them kiss a lot growing up, I never even got the feeling that they were madly in love, but there was something about the time they spent in Turkey together  that made me feel different, when they talked about there time there, I saw something light up in their eyes, was it their love for each other I was seeing, or was it their love for the adventure?  They were alone in another country, the two of them against the world.   Whatever it was I’m very thankful fo rit, because without it, there would be seven of us, almost eight of us that wouldn’t be here on this great big blue planet.   My dad was in the Airforce and was stationed in Istanbul, Turkey.   I loved listening to their stories as a boy, of their adventure in another land.   Thanks you two.   I love you very much.
Speaking of Turkey, my friend Turk comes to mind.  Turk cooked for me this past weekend on Friday night a mighty fine Turkey meatloaf, how perfect since I’m talking about Turkey and Turk.   I got to see Abby for the first time and really interact with her since Mike left a little over four months ago.   So it was good and hard seeing her.  She such a sweet animal.  Turk has been a really good friend to me these last few months, and I sure appreciate it.  We watched a cult classic, yes a little black comedy about white trash.   That’s right folks “Sorded Lives”  It’s been almost 8 years since I’ve seen this movie, and while I watched it so much came back to me.   I really do love this movie.  I can identify with it on so many levels.   Sometimes I think I should be writing screenplays like this.   Only everyone is from South Georgia instead of Texas.   The next night I went to Bill and Jim’s after the holiday holiday party.   Which was very festive and I had a really good time with everyone.  Gavin and Cox were there, I always have a blast with them.   I look at that picture of myself and I really need to lay off on the tanning beds for a while, I look like I’m from a third world country.    Like Turkey.   Anyway the next night at the party there was this one guy quoting Sorded LIves, I mean the whole movie.   Rusty you are a trip, I enjoyed every minute of reliving the movie, especially since it was so fresh on my brain.   There were lots of good looking men there.   Sunday I went to church, we had a nice service and afterwards we all went bowling.   I even won the last game after coming in last in the first two games.   I had a wonderful weekend.   I’m still kind of wiped out, can’t believe I’ll be in the middle of the week already tomorrow but that is a good thing.
Have you ever sat writing an entry, pouring your heart out into it, and then got ready to click the add after an hour of the words just flowing.   Then you go to look at your entry and there stands the last entry you had written the day before, and all those wonderful thoughts you had were gone.   Well that’s what happened to me on this entry, oh I restarted it again, but some of those thoughts I wrote are gone, well they are still there but I just couldn’t pull them back the way I had.   I was so  frustrated that I couldn’t get out what I had already wrote or that it wouldn’t capture the feeling, so now I’m writing on my Microsoft word, and will transfer it over later, so at least it might be saved.  This entry started with a thing about honey, a memory, my Nana had always said the one food that never spoils even if you leave it out is honey.   Well my whole story on the thoughts of honey were lost so I ended up on a wordplay of honey, first thinking of my Nana, then my mom, then my dad, and of course how I would never have been here even writing these words had they never met.  So maybe I was supposed to lose that entry, since now I’ve had more time to think about it.   Well now honey makes me think of a couple of childhood things now too.   I have asthma, havn’t had an attack in years though but as a child it was terrible.   I used to eat beeswax as my cure, old ancient cures from great grandmother Kilgore passed down.   I also started thinking of one of my passions as a kid, Bugs, yes I was the Jr Entomologist from the fifth grade to the seventh grade, bugs were my life, I couldn’t get enough.   I studied them, I caught them, I read about them, and I put them under microscopes so I could see them even better. Well the honey made me think of a specific ant, the “honey ant” they survive in difficult times by depending on certain members of their group known as “honey pots”.   They take in so much nectar that they swell up until they resemble little round berries, hardly able to move.   When food and water become scarce, these ants act as a “social stomach” and sustain the entire colony by dispensing what they have stored in their own bodies.    Pretty amazing stuff huh?   Well after thinking about that I started thinking of the us, and what we store our bodies with to sustain.  What we fill our bodies and our mind with.  What our hearts are and what our truths are, and how we apply our truths to our life and how we nourish and encourage others and if we do that at all.  I think of all those social stomach’s that helped me in some way or another.  I am thankful for those people.   I want to be like those people, I want a social stomach like these people.   I know with this comes a lot.  There are times when I want to share but don’t know how, but I can always write, maybe i’m sharing that way somehow.  From Honey to Turkey and back to Honey.   My thought process is funny sometimes.  My mom always talked about how handsome she thought Turkish men were, and how the women weren’t as beautiful as the men.   I looked for a picture of a Turkish man, with honey all over him so it would match my entry but couldn’t find any.   I’ve always thought men from Turkey have a certain sexiness myself.   I always heard they had this oil wrestling competition in Turkey, I forgot what city, but here’s a picture from the actual competition, this is quite tender compared to the wresling pictures but check some of them out at 



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4 Responses to “From Honey to Turkey to Honey”

  1. That was a beautiful post Derek. Your words come off the page when you describe memories like that. You really look like your father BTW. I’m a dead ringer for my dad as well.

  2. Great that you had a good week so far.

  3. My parents were not affectionate with each other or us but it felt normal. I loved “the social feeding” of our faith, family and friends. Very cool! XXOO

  4. thanks for letting me view your guest book and giving me all the information

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