Photo Friday: Mountain and Fine Friday Rob

lemonlight.gifwash.jpgWhat do you feel when you see this picture.  I feel the fresh air, i feel the cold wind blowing across my face making me feel alive.  I travel back to the time I visited this place, it was truly one of the most spectacular sites I saw in Washington State, it was summertime and there was still snow up there.  I’d love to go back back.  I feel color in my face, I feel alive.  I think I lived here years ago hunting the earth, loving the land almost as much as I did the day I went here.  It was a place I would love to travel back too.  Today my Fine Friday man is from Orlando.  Rob is a sexy guy to me.   Have you ever just looked at at picture of someone and somehow felt you knew them or maybe just wanted too.   Something familiar about his eyes and that sexy smile.    I’ve enjoyed chatting with him over the last few months.   Everyone have a great weekend.




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10 Responses to “Photo Friday: Mountain and Fine Friday Rob”

  1. Beautiful eyes & smile! Wurf! And I love mountains! Have a good weekend.

  2. Two treats in one! I want a cabin there is what the first shot says to me. XXOO

  3. I’m trying to place that mountain. We’ve got SO MANY of them here….And Rob….oh my god, those eyes and smile. And I was just in Orlando this week……damn.

  4. That mountain picture is simply awesome and breathtaking!!! Wow!

    Rob is, too, btw. He has most beautiful eyes!

  5. that woodland scene almost doesn’t seem real
    i live in nasty phoenix where the air is so brown-gray; never like this photograph.

  6. Thanks for sharing the nice sunny mountain picture. It remind me the great blue sky in the cold wet cloudy weather here in north Europe.

  7. That photo makes me want to go skinny dippin!

    Rob is a cutie.

  8. It reminds me of my home town in the Pac.N.West.. I would love to hike up to that mountain lake and lay on it’s shores! I know the water is way too cold to swim as it is spring run off water, but to lay in the sun and smell the pine filled air…Mmmmm. Memories!

  9. The picture makes me want to go on another vacation…to the woodland. The lush green of the trees and the white snow create a sharp contrast. It conveys a comforting sense of tranquility.

    Spring descends. That’s the message to me.

  10. Mount Rainier is in the COUNTY in which I live. We are all emotionally attached to her, though the Indian name was (and to me, is) My. Tahoma. My last name is almost the same as the mountain.

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