It’s cold and I have one too


Fever? Check~~
Chills? Check~~
Aches? Check~~
Headache? Check like a knife~~
Cough? Check again~~
Sniffles? Check yes~~
Miserable? Double check~~
Wintertime? Check, New Year’s Cold? Triple profanity~~

       If I trace my steps backwards, I know at what point I cursed myself with forthcoming sickness. I did the ultimate kiss of sickness move, I bragged that I may had some back problems but I didn’t have have a cold in “longer then I can remember” ha ha ha……..gotcha. Then again it has been the time of hugs and kisses too everyone I care about, yet those words passed by my lips instantly cursing my health. There was no wood to knock on around and as soon as it came out my mouth I knew I was toast. That was a mere week ago talking to a friend.

       Some may be wondering why if I feel so bad, I would be online typing. Well, I’ll tell you why. I am currently suffering the consequences of Tylenol Cold head Congestion nightime  overdose. So much for that snappy little jingle, you know the one, stop sniffles, coughs, chills, fevers blah blah blah so you can rest medicine………Evidently, if you take a wee bit too much, because your thinking you feel a whole lot of horrible, therefore possibly requiring a bit “extra” medicine to make sure and reinforce your recovery, you will be miserable. I have the shakes. I took a hot bath, took my medicine, laid in bed, and I absolutely cannot sleep. What a grand thing this has become today……..I couldn’t sleep last night either.   Maybe I should take the daytime one, usually the one that says it won’t make you drowsy makes me sleepy all these cold medicine’s have the opposite effect on me.

       I know, I know, I asked for such punishment by not exactly following the directions, but tell that to an irrationally sick person that is desparte for relief.

       Anyhow….I’m not really here to simply whine my misery away. I’m here with a point, or thought, or musing thats been cruising through my fever fried brain today.

       A friend had wrote me, and from his thoughts he had questioned the concept of tranquility in peoples lives. My knee jerk response to the word or concept of tranquility is that it’s another one of those illusionary words, emotions, that people strive for all of their lives. Hope for, reach for, and sometimes even hold onto, yet, it’s another one of those things in life that you can only hold on to for so long before it slips out of your grasp again.

       So what exactly is tranquility? Is it a feeling deep inside that a person acquires upon achieving a more realistic term like balance? Is tranquility the feeling that fills one’s spirit when all the inner demons and conflicts are finally put to rest? Or is tranquility about all those delicate little threads that make up our family, our life, our friends, basically everything within our influence…………………

       I could tentatively say, I’ve felt the concept of tranquility a few times in my life. But as life goes, things come along and toss a bowling ball at the pins of tranquility and it’s game over, new game card. Maybe I am a being this way because of my mood, because of my cold, this sickness of snot swimming around my brain, that doesn’t believe tranquility is something that can be maintained at a constant rate. Or maybe I’m more the realist, who expects the unexpected and if I have 5 pins of my tranquility still standing, I feel pretty good.

       I understand everyone is different, and look at things individually. So maybe my idea’s are out in the gutter lane of this concept, but I don’t put a lot of energy into finding tranquility in my life. I tend to focus more on balance. Balance and tranquiltiy could walk hand in hand, but to me, balance seems a more tangible goal rather then the fleeting feelings of tranquility in my life…………………

       Now, I’m off to lay my head down on a pillow and hope for some nice sweet dreams of tranquilty and balance to be found quickly with that darling Tylenol Head Congestion medicine and it’s unbalanced proportions!

     My friend Patrick sent this today to me via cell.   Yes it’s cold, and I’m cold!   Come warm me up!   Never mind I have a fever.


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3 Responses to “It’s cold and I have one too”

  1. Hope that you recover from the cold soon. Saw on TV today that it was only 29’F in Gainesville, FL today. That’s quite cold for you guys down there! Of course, it is only 3’F here now and -10’F wind chill in Wisconsin. 🙂 Stay warm!

  2. I’m not sure I’ve ever overdosed on that particular medicine, so it may just be that your cold is stronger than the medicine.

    In any case, I hope it’s just the 24-hour kind, and you’re feeling better sooner rather than later.

  3. I’ve got a bit of a cold too. I’m taking Zicam cold relief.

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