A friend speaks of love as inspiring….

If you pick up you dictionary and look up the word inspire it says…

Inflected Form(s): in·spired; in·spir·ing

transitive senses
1 a :
to influence, move, or guide by divine or supernatural inspiration b : to exert an animating, enlivening, or exalting influence on <was particularly inspired by the Romanticists> c : to spur on : impel,motivate <threats don’t necessarily inspire people to work> d : affect<seeing the old room again inspired him with nostalgia>

I’ve known what inspire means indirectly and directly to myself personally. After doing a quick reference check I was intrigued by the first definition of inspire. Lets read that again, 1 a : to influence, move, or guide by divine or supernatural inspiration.
         What do you think? Doesn’t that have a beautiful ring to it? Divine or supernatural inspiration, would be the defining definition of inspire. I”ve always given that credit to Jesus when it comes to my inspiration. I was blinded into believing inspiration was found within oneself, solely and individually. Thats not to say inspiration hasn’t come for me in the form of spiritual thought, feeling, association, but I believed inspiration is the desire to accept what is set before you, a choice from within. Take it or leave it mentality. 

Lately it seems I don’t always make the right choices, but they are the sometimes the ones I make.   Yep in a New Year I still make mistakes.  

      There is the obvious, I can look upon the majestic St. John’s river and become inspired. Does the credit of inspire come from the river? Or from within myself? Is it a one time bond between both eye’s, river, and the room of inspiration from within? I find myself leaning towards the partnership of all encompassing, my favorite symbol, the circling of everything. My individual definition of inspire I find changing within.
         My friend told me they were in love, and asked him to describe it, and he used this word, he chose this word frequently while describing the possibilities of new love. His excitement, his words, the type of writing that brings smiles and excitement for him and awe and emptiness for someone like me.  Am I being down on myself, where is this coming from.   

          Is the inspiration one can receive from another on the level with divine and supernatural? I believe those possibilities are certainly there. If you partner yourself with someone who is willing to stand next to you at that majestic river, hold your hand, and open the airwaves for the inspiration, why not?! If you find yourself standing at the river with someone who is muttering hurry up, it’s just a river, that’s too deep, your overthinking it, any possibilities of a shared, divine moment is shattered.
         Inspiration for me comes from so many area’s. I am inspired to write when the supernatural divine thought is kicking to be placed on something tangible. It’s soon to be tax time and I am inspired to pay my taxes so the tax man doesn’t come knocking at my door. I am inspired to hold my values and ethics above all things so I can sleep at night. I am inspired to do many things. These are from within, of mind and spirit. Spirit, so does this constitute the divine? Or the supernatural?
         That last paragraph was all about me. But what I’ve found, and came upon the realization after reading my friends thoughts, I is just that. Me, myself and I. Thus lacking in the “someone else” inspires me department. I have learned a wonderful, divine, lesson in life. I have learned what it feels like to have inspiration, inspire, desire, hopes and such tossed around and locked up with a quite secure box by another. Now, how I allowed this lid to be placed is but a metal manipulation process I can recognize now, and was uncomfortably aware of at the time. I found the key some time ago, unlocked it, and have been attempting a bitter fight out, with some degree’s of success. There is a process into the box, and a process out.
         The more inspiration I find, the more inspiration becomes a bigger entity. I find inspiration from reading how two people can go on a search for white snow geese, drive for hours. I find myself picturing the hours of talking, laughing, or possibly simply enjoying the scenery, listening to music, together, inspiring the other. I find inspiration in a sentence of a book, or the lyrics of a song. I see what I see and feel what I feel.
         I feel the power of my own inspiration and become mystified at it’s grace and strength. Maybe I’m just a dreamer, but I have to wonder if the power of two inspiring minds could really be a force so powerful it falls into that divine and supernatural state. I want to feel the touch of someone else’s inspiration on my shoulder.
         Inspiration. Is a beautiful word. I find beauty in the way it is written, the way it sounds in my mind and all that it represents. So to my friend, if you have truly found inspiration from another, the type that reaches deep down inside, shakes you up, opens your eye’s to new possibilities, step out of your box and embrace it. It is rare and precious, but you already knew that, didn’t you……………………


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