How does everyone do it?

Playing with numbers today I added up the amount of Entry Alert emails I have blaring at me in bold type on from my email page. Then add on the Comment Alert emails which always feel like mini-Christmas presents, plus a few precious personal emails to me, minus two spam emails and what I have is a LOT of catching up to do!       So I wonder, as I glance at the clock on the wall, what to do, what to do. Time is an element I often race either just right ahead of, or a trailing distance.  Even as I write, the clocks ticking, appointment in one hour.  A new year, I have a whole year to write. but I want to write something fun today, maybe I’m just too tired from the party last night, which I really enjoyed.    Kevin and Jay had so much wonderful food and it was nice spending it with them and their friends.      I’ve been checking out my dashboard, my site has not been viewed like it used to.   I saw that potentially I’ve meandered over the last few months through too many journals, clicked far too many ‘alert me as entries are posted’ buttons and this is the reason for the email overload. Yet when I scanned through my ‘manage alerts’ section, I could only find 3 alerts I wanted to turn off. So much for micromanaging my journal time!
       Normally I really like to comment back to bloggers who leave comments about my entries. I love the insight and thoughts people drop off here in my little corner and I want to respond, add further insight, reflect or just say Thanks! 
Thank you Everyone! Your comments were all wonderful, insightful, and enjoyed by me, and the others reading them!       So it’s fess up time. How in the world does everyone keep up with not only posting entries, but reading others journals daily, keeping abreast with the latest news, holding down a family, work, and staying on top of all the emails? If there is some sort of secret, I would appreciate some clues!
       I’m getting this vision of other fellow journalists sitting in a chaise lounge by the ocean, sipping martini’s, yes I’m talking about you
Kelly Stern  or BrettCajun , reclined back with his laptop getting jiggy with it <which of course is hooked up via satellite, no wires needed in Cajun country> leisurely adding entries, casually link jumping with an empty email box and merrily skipping over to other journals as the alert emails come along. I’m just guessing on this Brett you look pretty orderly even your chickens look orderly.
       Ok, Ok, I know, your all laughing at my distorted images and your thinking “this bald headed dude is definitely delusional” but come one, how do you all keep up??
       And with that, I part ways and go off to work with this last ‘get out of jail free’ caveat. It may take time, it may be slowly over this next week, but I will catch up. If I haven’t frequented your journal lately, I WILL.
       Everyone have a wonderful week as you start your new days in this new year,  if you feel like it, just stop writing for a day or two. Give those fingers a little rest, let your mind frolic over new topics, take a blogger holiday and let those of us who are madly behind have a chance to catch up :o)   I told myself I was going to catch up on all my favorite blogs today, and I still have found it hard to do just that.  Help me guys give me some ideas of how to get some kind of order to catching up on reading everyone’s blog. 

I was quite lazy today, I woke up quite late, I’ve really been veging today.   Back to work tomorrow.    A brand new year.  My first picture of the year with my shirt on, lol.

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9 Responses to “How does everyone do it?”

  1. Do you use an RSS feed reader like Google Reader? That helps so you don’t have to visit every site, only when there is a new post.

    Happy New Year!

  2. You absolutely have to use an RSS reader (google, bloglines, technorati, etc). it’s the only way to stay sane. But, even with Bloglines, I spend about 2 hours a day reading and commenting. It’s tough when people don’t EVER comment back….but I am only in charge of ME…no one else. So, make good decisions. Stick with them. Be flexible. And feel good about it…not bad. It shouldn’t be work. It should be fun!

  3. I dedicate an hour a day for blogging. I do use the rss reader in a pinch, but I like to actually go to the blogs. I usually work on my post in wordpad through out the day and copy and paste. Keep up the good work! You will find the right pace for you soon enough!

  4. Happy New Year sweet man!!!

  5. Happy New Year, Derek!

  6. I’m with everyone else…I use an RSS Reader ( It helps reduce the time, but I still feel obligated to read through and post at least one comment on all the great blogs in my blogroll. You’re not alone Derek. 😉

  7. Here’s wishing you a happy and healthy 2008 filled with lots of love. Peace,

  8. i do spend an hour or so skimming my blog list
    somedays i have to let go and not do any – knowing they are still there/i won’t miss too much
    sometimes I break them up to ‘wordpress today’ and “blogger tomorrow’. it is time consuming; but i love to read blogs.

  9. Happy new year, Derek!

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