Seems lately I’m often wishing I could see what lies around the  corner in life. 
Trying to prepare for it, control it, or avoid it.  I know I can’t see around the
corners in life.  So what am I trying to see?  Why do I want to know so bad.  I’ve
been looking at other places, thinking about a move, but as I said earlier, we
sure can’t see around corners.   So I’m putting my trust in God.   I feel a little
more reassured this way.   So whichever direction things go I’m o.k.   Every
day I am cared for.  I know who holds the future, and I know who holds my
hand: with God things don’t just happen-  Everything by Him is planned.  So
what am I saying, I’m saying I’m not going to worry about tomorrow.  It’s in
God’s hands.  Yesterday I took this picture of me relaxing on my new couch.  A
moment of relaxation.  I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already.  Almost time to go home to Georgia and I’m looking forward to it.

~ by deveil on DecemberUTCb000000pmWed, 19 Dec 2007 20:30:26 +000007 19, 2007.

6 Responses to “Relax”

  1. How is one to relax when staring at that woofy pic 😉

  2. Oh, it seems that this is the SECOND time I’ve seen this one today. Hum.

  3. trustig god is a tough one. most people believe in God but don’t feel quite comfortable to let Him steer.
    I sense that the Angels screw things up if we don’t trust in God – in order to bitch slap us into trusting.

  4. Great pic….and very touching YouTube clip. It’s good to take time to relax and reflect. 🙂

  5. Yap D…think we simply get wiser as we grow older and realize life’s too short to worry about every component that makes it up. think you have the right idea. A cute YouTube clip!!

  6. Well Hello there!
    Christmas came early this year 😉

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