My first First Coast Chorus concert

tux.jpgCan I just tell you everything was worth it.  What a great group of folks.  I sure have enjoyed these last few months singing with them, and look forward to getting to know them better.    Wow how the weekend just flew by.  Our first concert was entitled “December”, and we performed Friday and Saturday night from 8-10:30.  I was really nervous for my first concert, almost all day Friday.  Turk came over a hour before I had to be up there and brought me some springrolls.   I took him over to European Street so he could meet Julie, Theresa Karl, and Phyllis.   Leaving there, I almost have a car to back into me and I scream at the top of my lungs.   I get to warm ups an hour and a half before the concert and when I open my mouth to sing, nothing comes out.  Not sure if it was nerves or the loud scream.   My nervousness of my first concert comes to life.   It was really quite amusing.   Paul had me in a room doing some breathing exercises, I was drinking a lot of water.  Finally it came time to go on stage.   Our first song is Aids Requiem, a cappella  piece includes both Latin text and the hauntingly beautiful prose of Khalil Gibran, it’s amazing and has been quite a hard piece for me.   But as we got up there all the nervousness went away night one.  The beauty in the piece really hit me and it’s meaning.  Then we sang an uplifting gospel inspired piece reminding us all that love lives on and we are all survivors, called We’re Not Lost We’re Here.   That was our first part, The second part is followed by The music of Christmas, after we came back out a second time the night just flowed, and we really had fun.   I smiled and just enjoyed it.  The second night was packed, and for some reason I wasn’t nervous, but I found myself very nervous night two, I’m not sure what it was.   I was actually feeling a little dizzy headed and everything, and in my mind I was going don’t acknowledge your feeling this way, you can do it.   The night still was so fun, our conductor Jim is awesome, he’s a great conductor, and he’s just awesome, everyone has made me feel very welcome.   I was so happy the first night to look out and see familiar faces, we had 23 people from the church there.   Night two was awesome as well, my friend Linda came and spent the night with me Saturday, she was dressed to the nines in a gold dress, looking quite beautiful.   You know those lipstick lesbians.   She took me out on  a night on the town later and we met everyone up at 616.   My friend Gavin was singing at a event they were doing there.    This is the first time I’ve been doing things without my camera.   I wish I had pictures to share, but none yet, hopefully I will get some.    Sunday I went to church, returned my tux, and then went to our Chorus Christmas party, which was great!   I was quite worn  out after that and hit the sack early.   Hope everyone had a great weekend. You can check out the website at  oh i did take a picture of myself on my cellphone, i forgot about that so this was me the first night just before going on, I was terrified. Its kind of dark.  I have some more that I’m putting on a disc I’ll add later.


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5 Responses to “My first First Coast Chorus concert”

  1. Well look at you all dapper and woofy!
    Congrats on your concert Derek!

  2. how splendid
    my mother sings in groups and chorals and she finds it ever so rewarding and fun to do.
    i hope you will do more.

  3. Great that you had a good time! Look forward to seeing the pictures.

  4. Awww…you look so hot dressed like that!

    Oh…Happy Birthday, too, dear!!!

  5. Congrats on some great concerts! I’m glad you had fun, which is the most important thing.

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