Polarbear Express


Yep folks I’m turning into a polarbear.   My fur is getting as white as my sister’s new dog Isabelle.  My friend Cox was telling me this story about I think it was his brother put that just for men on his chest once and he had a big dark circle on his chest, I’ve been tempted to do that, but oh well.   Guess it really doesn’t matter.   Don’t I look like a polar bear on a piece of ice.   Today was another long day of work, then chorus practice.  Khalil Gibron did write a beautiful piece of music when he wrote Requiem.   We sang tonight for the first time in the place where we will have the production, very interesting, it’s like a castle on the inside, very different.    You can hear your voice for 1.4 second after the sound comes from your mouth, so it’s going to be a little hard, because what we are hearing is not what the audience will be hearing, I’ll have to talk this one over with Tony and see if he can explain it, it’s kind of confusing.   Well folks I’m going to go hybernate like the polar bear, it’s finally getting cold tonight too.   It’s kind of nice, except only having my pillows to snuggle with.

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8 Responses to “Polarbear Express”

  1. Polarbears can be so nice, warm and cuddly on cold winter nights.

  2. All you need is a bottle of coke 😉

  3. Well being naked in bed and snuggling with the pillows isn’t all that bad! *eg* Boy is that some fur coat slathered all over you chest. Is it mink or fox? LOL

  4. “except only having my pillows to snuggle with.”

    You wouldn’t have to tell me twice before I was face down in polar bear fur…

  5. Are you asking for volunteer pillows? Sign me up!

  6. you say ‘polar bear’ like that is a bad thing?!

  7. Gray chest hair or not, you still look great in that picture.

  8. Babe, you’ll always be my wookie! Hugs!

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