Thankful for Autumn, Eli, Ethan, and Bud light cans


My neice and nephews are the light in my heart.   They bring a smile to my face, and spring in my step, everything about them bring happiness to me.   I was greeted first by Eli and Ethan my first day there.   I went by to play with them while Dena got ready.   We went outside first and I noticed Ethan was really staring at me, I saw them last the end of August.   We went to the back yard so I could swing them, like Ethan had said he wanted.    Ethan finally spoke.  “Uncle Dig-it, did you know you are dark colored?”   I let out a laugh, then Eli says “Ethan Uncle Derek have you been to the beach lately?”   I told them I had some, then I told them well I been laying in the tanning bed.   Ethan answers with do you sleep in there?   Eli says you can if you want too, but you better not cause the waves may drown you.   In my head I’m laughing, and wondering do they even have tanning beds in the small town Im from.  I decided not to explain it and just have fun playing.   Later that night the two of them got in the front seat of my car and we rode to Sherry’s.   I noticed every time a car would get close to passing us going in the opposite direction, the two of them would duck their heads.    After about the third car I said what are you guys doing.   “They informed me they were ducking because it may be police, and they will take us to jail since they weren’t in their car seats.   I’m guessing someone taught them that.   We made it home to be greeted by the boss Autumn.   She gave me a big hug, sat around in my lap some, then decided it was time to play with her friend who was there, and the boys.   It was a madhouse.   They were all playing and screaming, they put up a blowup mattress and played and had fun till they were wore out.   Mom, Sherry, and I sat outside and talked.   They finally got tired and went to bed.   The next morning bright and early I awaken with the feeling I’m being watched, which surprised me cause I knew I had locked the door, Eli is standing over me just looking at me.   I sort of wake up startled, he laugh’s at his Uncle Derek.   He asks will I come turn the televison channel on for him.   I get up, and have a hard time figureing out Sherry’s remote control.   I can’t figure it out.  Eli answers, it’s ok Uncle Derek I’m just happy to have someone up with me in the morning.   O.k. so much for going back to bed.   He’s suckered me now.   So we eat some, go outside and play.   Autumn is a late sleeper but she and Ethan finally get up.   We’re all playing outside of course I’m taking pictures and having fun.     I have a box of granola bars I give each one, Autumn bites down and with hurt in her eyes says that bar has made my tooth loose.   She shows me, it’s wiggling, she goes to town and within an hour has pulled her 7th tooth of her seven years.   A milestone.   Eli goes in and plays games on the computer, and I’m left with Ethan.   I notice a Budlight can sitting under  a chair on the front porch, so I go to get it to throw in the trash,  “Ethan looks at me and says “Give me that beer!”  almost demanding.    So I give it too him.   He looks at me and smiles.   Then he acts like he’s going to drink it.    It’s empty mind you.   But he starts acting like he’s drinking a beer.   I had to snap a few pictures.   He laugh’s and the rest of the afternoon he tell’s everyone, “Give me a beer”!    Which everyone decides it’s something I taught him.   We feed the catfish, then the night comes we go playing in the trees, they go for bicycle rides, we watch the sun go down.  Another day comes.   A lot more games.   My mind goes back to all the childhood games, freeztag, chinese freezetag, dodgeball, red rover, ultimate frisbee.   We play and play till Uncle Derek is sweating and tired.   It’s time to relax.   So I do, the coolness comes, and I take them on a ride of imagination.   I found this old pink door and I take it and put on a tree.  I tell them when we open the door we’re going to be transported to another dimension.    Eli and Autumn get excited.   What will we see, they ask.   I told them whatever they wanted.   Snow or unicorns, whatever their little minds could see.    Eli says you want us to use our imagination.   I was like wow, yep!   He’s so smart.   He’s 5 and reading already, he read me two books while I was there.    Then Ethan tries to say it.    Imaganason.   Eli and Ethan laugh.  Call it what you will, they had fun.    I guess the hardest thing was having to leave them.   It always is.   I’m very thankful for my niece and nephews, and for the one growing in Amy’s belly now. If you’d like to see all the pictures I took during Thanksgiving you can view them here at


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