Thankful for Lance and Amy


Inside that little belly is my new nephew growing.   I can’t wait to see him in 2008.   I’m thankful for my brother and Amy.   They came over the first night I was home as well, we spent Thanksgiving with Daddy, and the next day with mom.   Lance is a good dad and fun to watch with Autumn.   She definately his little princess.   I asked her about what she thought about having a younger brother, she was like I dont’ want to think about it yet.   She’s so funny.   Lance got me Friday night, the prankster, after a few beers, he got me with this test he said on anxiousness on the computer, he showed me a few examples how to do it, well.   I tried it and had a few problems.   Then all of a sudden with a shriek, Linda Blair comes on the screen with a shreek, and so do I.   I think I actually scared him screaming.    He laughed just like he used to when he was a little boy, playing a trick on his big brother.  Autumn gets that from him.   We almost got Autumn while she slept one night, with whipcream on the hand, but it backfired when we woke Ethan up.


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2 Responses to “Thankful for Lance and Amy”

  1. You and your brother look so much alike!

  2. It must be exciting to expect a new baby for your brother’s family. They all look like very nice people.

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