Thankful for Dena and Andy


I was greeted first on Wednesday by Dena, Eli, and Ethan.   I called and she wanted me to come by there so she could get ready while the boys played with me.   She greeted me with a big hug.   She looked so tiny to me, she’s always been the small one in our family.   I played with the boys.  Andy got home from work, but Dena was having a little bit of the stomach flu, that she caught from Ethan.   She went to lay down, but it ended up wiping her out for the night, and most of the next day.   I actually took the boys with me and we spent the night at Sherry’s.   Poor Dena was sick most of Thanksgiving Day with the virus.   Yes the virus, not something to have on Thanksgiving Day.   Luckily it was only a 24 hour bug, and she was feeling better the next day and she and Andy spent the day with us over at Sherry and Mark’s.   Dena is much like me.  She keeps much on the inside, she always has a smile on her face, even if at times she’s not smiling on the inside.   She keeps hurts locked up deep inside as I do.    She reminds me of my Nana is some of these pictures.   She has always reminded me of her.   Andy is an awesome Dad, and musical, he writes songs and plays beautifully, they both have voices of angels.   They almost bring me to tears just hearing them sing.   So we had fun listening to songs and listening to them.   I’ll write more on the boys in another post.   The picture with her glasses off, she says I cross my eyes without them, I just wanted one shot of those pretty eyes.   Although I think she’s beautiful with or without the glasses.   I do have two beautiful sisters.


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One Response to “Thankful for Dena and Andy”

  1. indeed, good looks run in the family.

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