Thankful for Sherry and Mark


I sent my sister Sherry an email today to tell her how thankful I was for her and thanking her for her hospitality while I came home.   Sherry lives in the house we grew up, so for many ways it is always home for me.  She was probably my first friend, I still remember when they brought her home for the first time, I’ve written so much about her.   She’s an awesome entertainer and hostess.    She and Mark, her husband both are, they are both very alike in some ways and very different in others, but they are both quite social.   Mark is the son of a movie star.   If you ever want to know just ask me and I’ll tell you.   His father is still acting today.   I love some of the movies and television shows he’s played on, one still has a huge following.   Sherry can cook, she really is a little Martha Stewart of sorts, with a mixture of many others.   I got home late Wednesday to her house after picking up Eli and Ethan, Mark, she and Autumn were waiting for us.   Mom came a few minutes later, then my brother and his girlfriend Amy.   She’s also wonderful with kids, seems all the children always end up at Rere’s that’s what they all call her.   She had the house beautiful, and cooked me breakfast, and had coffee ready for me.   It was quite nice.    Thanksgiving Day she was busy getting everything ready while I played with the kids.   Then off to dad’s for Thanksgiving Day, and back to her house.    Then we had a big cookout at her house the day after, with big bonefire in the backyard, and a few drinks.   Mark and her shared some funny stories, I just may have to write about someday.   But not today I’m about to run late for chorus practice.   Here’s a few pictures of she and Mark, and also a copy of the emial she sent me back.  She’s going to kill me for posting the close up of her, I told her to cry and do the Blair Witch Project imitation in the third picture.  She’s got some beautiful blue eyes.


Awww-I love you, too, honey! I always want you to come to our home and know that it is still yours. No matter how old we get or how senile we get, our house is always our house. I love when you come home. I love feeding you and getting ready for you. I sleep a little better knowing that my big brother is again home with me. You will always be my big brother and very first best friend that I can still call my best friend.  I love you, my handsome brother!!!!!!!!


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4 Responses to “Thankful for Sherry and Mark”

  1. “I love you, my handsome”? Oh my, she has that right…eh?

  2. What a terrific get together. Glad you had such a nice visit with family. Funny…I can see your dad’s eyes in your face now that I see his. hugs!

  3. That’s great that you guys have that kind of relationship. That’s the one thing that I think I missed as an only child.

    Those are good shots – quite the good looking pair of siblings!

  4. It’s awesome you have such a close family.

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