Thinking of them


Have you ever sat and thought about all the people that came into your life, and wondered why, I mean what they were brought to teach you, or possibly you teach them. So many have come and gone.   It seems with my alone time I find an urgency to contact people.  People that at one time were in my lives every day, but with time and life comes change, and we head our separate ways.  I have one childhood friend, I mentioned earlier that I feel will always be my friend.  We’re miles apart but everytime we get together we just sort of start where we left off.   I miss Dave, I havn’t seen him since May of a few years at my sister’s wedding, it was great seeing him then, and everytime we say we won’t wait so long to see each other, but as life has it, he lives in Tennessee, and I’m in Florida, and I just don’t get up there like I would like.   But 2008, I’m going to make a point to get my butt up there to see him and his wife Noel.  He’s a great guy!  The two of them compliment each other.  It’s nice to see that, and to see him so happy.  He brought many happy days to me.  Anytime I want to smile I just think about those times.  Am I living in the past?   Or am I searching for some of the happiness I found in the past?  Still searching for happiness like I look for a matching pair of socks.   

I dreamed about my old roommate Ginni last night. I was looking at her myspace page     she had me listed as one of her hero’s and had a picture of me.  It was one of the first pictures Mike had taken of me when we first met.  I felt my eyes well up, I decided not to stop them and just let em flow.   I think it was the reason she had put me as her hero that brought me to tears.  I hope she’s doing wonderful.   I wish her much happiness.  She taught me much about life as well.  She is truly a survivor, and one of the most brilliant people I’ve known.  ginni.jpg


There are no choices- they were, they are,

and they always will be.



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5 Responses to “Thinking of them”

  1. you hit that nail on the head
    i remember countless vows in kitchens and bars that “we would always be in touch” and most of them are gone. does it mean they were not really ‘bonded’ to start? if we met again, would be go right back to the strong bond there was?
    life mystery.

  2. Derek, for whatever reason this resonated with me today. Thank you, it was very nice on multiple levels.

  3. I wish I still had some of my childhood friends and some of my high school/college mates around. So many of them have simply dwindled away. 😦

  4. I rarely see anyone from my childhood. When I do it’s in a store where all we say is “hey, how are you?”. Just as well I suppose, we all change and move on in different directions.

  5. Sometimes I leave memories alone. But there have been a few times when I went back to an old friendship that turned out to be a truly rewarding experience.

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