Almost twenty years ago, this guy came up too me on campus in college.     He was running for Student Body President and boy was he a campaigner.  We ended up becoming great friends.   We sang together in show choir, and concert choir as well as acting in a couple of the campus productions of Arcenic and Old Lace and a few other plays.  He became one of my best buds for years.   We had many adventures together.   So I was happy to hear he was coming this week.   We sat and reminiced about old times and probably drank way too much, thinking we were still in our early twenties.   We didn’t feel to great this morning when we woke up.  I had to speak in church today, but Wylie wasn’t able to make it.    I was a little nervous today but it went good and I was glad I got up.   I came home and Wylie and I went and got some food in us, it was a beautiful day.  Went down and ate on the river.   Then I have rested and been lazy most of the rest of the day,except talking on the phone with friends.   I chatted online with my best friend David today.   I keep losing contact with folks.   But my true friends always are there.    Hope everyone had a great weekend.


~ by deveil on NovemberUTCb000000pmSun, 11 Nov 2007 22:55:56 +000007 19, 2007.

2 Responses to “Wylie”

  1. the important ones will always have a connection, even if time and space separate them from you.

  2. Well I already know someone had way too much fun! Tough to be turning 40 shortly. LOL

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