Ghosts of Halloween Past meet Halloween Present


Whatever happened to Halloween as I knew it growing up in the seventies? We had a yard full of dried leaves, we would rake them into big piles and jump into them leaves going everywhere.  I grew up in a trailerpark when I was young up until I was probably in the fourth grade when we finally moved into our first and only home, the same one that probably has a little spiderwitch all dressed up eating her candy.   When I was little we would burn the leaves, it was magical for me as a kid, I can still smell the the frosty air, and see the little sparks from the leaves as I would watch them fly into the sky, good thing they didn’t hit someone’s trailer and burn down the whole trailer park.    I don’t think people still burn their leaves like that these day.   Especially as dry as it gets.  My first Halloween memory was my mom dressing me up as a bunnyrabbit with a carrot and everything.   It was all cute and everything.   I even dressed up like one a few years ago, but I kind of made it xrated the place I put the carrot.   Anyway we played outside for a long time.   I loved Halloween, making the pumpkin was one of my favorites.  The week before the big day, my mom would pick out  a big pumpkin. Sometimes we got more than one of the huge orange gourds. Mom or Dad would carve it and let us think we were helping. The truth was, we weren’t allowed to play with knives.  We would just get the gunk out, and mama would make a pumpkin pie.  Our pumpkin always had a real candle inside.  Sometimes we had to cut an extra hole in the back so the candle would stay lit.   To this day, the smell of a burning pumpkin lid brings back memories of my childhood.  I’m searching my memory for some of the things I dressed up as.   I always got those plastic suits with a mask and by the end of the night my rubberband on my mask had usually broken.  The candy was my favorite.   I was the oldest so it seems I ended up dressing up the longest because having two sisters younger than me, and a younger brother 12 years younger than me.   I somehow was designated the one to take the younger ones trick or treating, which honestly I loved.   I began making my own costumes.   From pirates to the hunchback of Notre Dame.  The smell of the makeup that we used is still etched in my brain, too. I remember my sisters painting their faces  and that smell of Ben Nye makeup and they still make it today still fills my mind just writing about it.  The masks that came with the costumes were great. But I had allergies and sinus problems as a child, and my nose would run the whole time I had one on. It got kind of soggy with that mask on my face!  I think that’s why my rubber band would end up popping by the end of the night.People in our neighborhood were very generous with their treats. The treats were amazing: candy, apples, potato chips, even money. We were treated very well. There was no need to X-ray our candy. We could eat it as we walked down the street to the next house. I think the last year I trick or treated was the ripe old age of 16, which my brother would have been 4.   Oh and another big memory was four years before on Halloween night, my mother went into labor with my brother, the water broke, and she got me to take my sisters trick or treating as my dad took her to the hospital.    She held out and had him on Nov first morning not wanting to give birth to a goblin on Halloween.   More on my brother tomorrow since it will be he’ll be turning 28.

Some years we had a party on one of the nights of Halloween. One of our neighbors Pam would always have a party for all the neighborhood children, she would make a haunted house in one of the rooms. There was a bowl of grapes that we called “eyeballs”, and another bowl of cooked spaghetti that served as “brains.” Strings hung from the ceiling and served as makeshift cobwebs. My friends loved it!  Someone was always hiding in the closet and would jump out.   As we got older Pam would get some of the older children to help her, one year me and my friend Tommy performed a skit with a sheet in front of us and a big light so all you could see was our shadows.   I was a mad scientist and he was the patient, and I was acting like I was doing surgery on him.   We walked out as doctor and patient and then walked behind the sheet, with the light.   Then the knives came out, we bought liver and all kinds of things we used as body parts and threw them into a audience of little kids, one being Tommy’s little sister who cried like crazy because she thought it was all real and I was cutting up her big brother, we had to finally stop because she went balistic.I wonder if the kids of today still have some of the fun we had. Things were simpler and a little safer. I have all these wonderful memories, so at least I can tell the younger generations about Halloween in the Good Old Days.  Now for Halloween of today.   Very different from my childhood.   I go from Halloween stories of childhood to adulthood.  I came out in college.   So my Halloween stories were a little less innocent as an adult.   I remember one year in my twenties going to Albany with my partner at the time David, and our friend Daryl Dean, we were all in drag, he had borrowed his friends cadalliac, I was really excited about going, because I was still pretty new to the whole bar thing, anyway on a dark road, me in  front, Daryl driving, David and someone else in the backseat, the next thing I see is a deerhead hitting the window blood splattering everywhere and glass cracked.   We all scream and go off the road.   I think I was in shock.   The cops came, I was still in shock, they put us all in the car, luckily no one was drinking, to take us back home leaving the crashed car and the poor dead deer on top of the car there.   I’m on my way back home when about half way home I realize I’m in a cop car in a dress, the shock goes away and I start laughing, so does everyone else, even the cop.    Halloween is the only time I’ve dressed up like a woman, it’s quite campy, I would post the pictures but I don’t want to scare anyone, actually I would, but I just need to get a scanner.   I remember my friend Zac and I picking out dresses at the goodwill store, I got a bright yellow dress, everyone said I looked like a schoolbus.   That was the last time I saw my college friend Wylie as well he was Dracula, I was a schoolbus, and I remember his boyfriend at the time was in drag, only he really looked like a woman, everyone told him he looked lilke Glen Close.  I remember Mike and my first Halloween together I dressed as a genie, and he wore his kilt and a cool mask he painted.   It’s always been fun.   I could go on and on, about scary movies from Halloween but have just realized how long this post has gone so I will leave you with a few pictures from this years Halloween. So here are some pictures from this year’s Halloween.   Only none of me in my boyscout uniform, this always happens when I’m taking all the pictures, hopefully someone will send me some of me.   I was a Boy Scout in tight little trousers and boyscout shirt.   Yesterday I write about light and darkness, sure saw lots of devils and angels this Halloween.   Makes me remember dressing up about 5 years ago dressed as a fallen angel, with leather shorts and black wings, and those leather and chain harness’s you always see BrettCajun wearing.  I can’t believe tomorrow will be the first of November.   Time for being thankful.   Thanksgiving is coming.


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8 Responses to “Ghosts of Halloween Past meet Halloween Present”

  1. yet and still i hope you had a nice halloween.

  2. Great memories and great photos. I haven’t done anything for Halloween for several years. 😐

  3. Things have definitely changed, eh? And “frosty air”? Where in the heck did you grow up? I remember huge pillow cases full of candy at the end of hundreds of homes visited. No more. Things have evolved along so many fronts.

  4. It’s great to think back and remember how things were back in the day. I share some of the same childhood memories and try to recreate them with my kids. We carved our pumpkins and baked the seeds. The weather has been better the past couple of years, it was always so cold when I was little.
    Now it’s November and the stores are flooded with Christmas items. I cannot overlook Thanksgiving so no Christmas decorations for me just yet!

  5. Your Halloween memory and party sounds so great that makes me feel bad that I have to be here in Europe for work for the whole week so I missed all the Halloween fun.

  6. Wow, I bet you make a hot Boy Scout!
    Did you earn any badges that night?

  7. […] Original post by deveil […]

  8. Great ideas

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