Photo Friday: Stillness


I visit a bronze statue.

It was made by the latest in a lineage of such bronze makers.

It is still, though the Ocean is in it.

If I strike it, it rings and that is useful.

I visit it, that is beautiful of a fleeting image.

If I approach it from stillness and get into joint practice with it, I

imagine fluid movement

Yet it stays a still reminder

And that is very useful

 I have a mind.

It was made in eternity.

And if thoughts are in it, that is useful.

And if memories are in it and edges of resistance, that is useful.

And sometimes it is full of roses and sometimes full of dreams

and I can work with that and that is useful.

But if it is empty and I can approach another in stillness,

There is room for the whole story and I remember who I really am

and the universe remembers who it is

and that is really useful.

And the mind is still.  

No beginning, only Process.

The Spirit reincarnates.

Birth and LifeThe meeting of the unfolding and the experience.

Layer upon layer of delusion.

I have become I and forgotten.

Yesterday was and tomorrow will be-or so it seems.

No now.  

A tide there is,

An ocean then.

Beneath the waves,

There is only still.

The Mother.

Pure awareness,

And I remember who I am. 

The Ocean stirs.

There is only process.

Still in the Ocean,

the unformed stirs.

Dark meets light and incarnates.

You and I are we. It was ever thus.

Where now the loss? 

The Statue is called Sea Express by Kristen Visbal, although her statue doesn’t move and there is stillness.   I still feel a movement, and it strikes so much imagination and feeling to them.   You can check out her website here   I used to live one block from this statue, each day mostly in the morning I would walk to it, sit it front of it and meditate in stillness so it will always stand for stillness for me in many ways.   I also used it as my header on my other blog,   


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One Response to “Photo Friday: Stillness”

  1. I love this photo. I sometimes feel like I’m holding on for dear life like the boy in the statue.

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