Rain Here Fire There


Today I lay in my car on my lunch break as the rain beats down, and I start thinking of all those people on the westcoast. Have any of you been  been following the events in California, because I have both family, my first cousin Tamara and blogger bud’s Tony atlife’s colorful brushstrokes
life’s colorful brushstrokes
 who have had lots of smoke and fires close, my old roomate

Wallace Thikstache

in the San Diego area, they are safe, but the fact many have been evacuated from their houses as the fires get uncomfortably close to their homes. Over half a million folks have been evacuated, according to some of the latest reports, but one (small) blessing so far is that despite the displacements there have been only two confirmed deaths so far, and even idiot looters don’t seem to be particularly active at the moment. If you are in an area where the fires are, I’m hoping that you’re paying attention to your local officials and going when they tell you to move; no offense, but there’s probably very little in your house that’s worth burning to death over. Please be careful and be safe, all right?Also, if you’re in these areas — and safe — feel free to let us know what’s going on from your point of view. Leave me a link in my comments or leave a link to your own journal entries. Tony just texted me he said there is not a lick of breathable fresh air and it’s so grimy.

I’m home from work, a few minutes before my tilapia is ready and I’m going to chow down.   Hope everyone’s have a Happy Hump Day.

Picture taken by Brian Patrick


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5 Responses to “Rain Here Fire There”

  1. I lived in the OC for 20 years. Lots of my friends are close to the fires and I just heard that my former boss was interviewed on tv as the Red Cross person in charge of Mission Viejo.

    Their emergency relief services are in pretty good shape because they plan and drill for this in case of earthquake disasters.

    I left a message on Brushstrokes Tony’s site that I was living there during the Laguna Beach fire in ’93. I was packed and ready to go with the flames just over the ridge from my condo. It was terrifying.

  2. sobering reminders we are at nature’s mercy – and she doesn’t have any.

  3. It’s nearly 10pm here and the air outside still wreaks of potent smoke. I want it to go away!!

  4. I thought the same thing during our rainstorm yesterday.

  5. It’s just awful what the people in CA are going through. Today they say the winds are dying down and they (the firemen) should be able to gain control of the situation. Let’s pray they do.

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