Monday Macho Man


Two posts in one day, wow.   I’m not sure if I had wrote about this or not but I joined the Jacksonville First Coast Gay Chorus about three weeks ago.  So two hours of two days I’m a singing, getting ready for our concert in December.  I’m enjoying it.  Right as I was walking out, Mike and Turk were driving by beeping and they stopped.   They had taken Mike to the doctor about his dizziness.   It felt good and sort of sad all in one seeing him.  It was short and sweet, we hugged, I gave him his mail, and headed off to practice.   I made it back home just in time for my show HEROES.   Not sure what it is about this new season but Peter Petrilli (Milo Ventimiglia)   Yes I watched him on Gilmore Girls, but this guy has pumped up to Hunk status.   I still love this show.  The show flew by tonight.   Seemed to jump around a lot today. Here’s this seasons hot picture of MIlo so had to put it on here.


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6 Responses to “Monday Macho Man”

  1. pish posh
    the fellow needs some whiskers!!!

  2. He certainly is a hottie. You can see lots of him in Fergie’s latest video: Big Girls Don’t Cry.

  3. What have I been missing, I ask myself. Looks like Heroes will have a new fan.

  4. I want to hear that low bass voice of yours! I’m glad you have found something of interest to occupy a bit of your down time.

  5. Good to know that you have a new hobby now! As for the ‘Heroes”, hope that the storyline gets more organized soon.

  6. thanks for stopping by my blog…as for the macho man here, I agree with pish posh…with some fuzz he’d be even more smokin’…

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