I never realized how much I multitask until I was told today I couldn’t.  I had someone sitting with me today, that was measuring so to speak all my duties, and how long it took me to do everything.  She sat with a stopwatch, and every time I began a duty she timed me.  From the small and mundane to the long and drawn out.  But the one rule was you cannot multitask.  I was at a loss, because I realized this is what I do all day long.  The first 10 minutes were the hardest, because I was trying to take calls and read my emails and she grabbed my shirt and said, I told you you cannot multitask.  I realized I juggle all day from the time I get to work, till I leave, literally.  I guess many of us multitask, whoever you are.  The task of completing the mundane stuff of life usually falls in the laps of women I’m guessing-especially mothers.  My sister Dena was telling me some things she was doing raising two boys.  She’s queen of the multitasker.  My mom and sister are as well.  So I guess women of the 21st century have all sorts of things in the air at once- from frying pans and strollers to appointment calendars and mortgage payments.  I guess this really goes for anyone.  It can all become quite overwhelming.  No wonder I have pains in my back and neck when I get home.  Actually after the day was over, and I had spend a day of not multitasking, and still getting my job done, I started rethinking some things.  Maybe I’m just overwhelming myself.  Society places a premium on those who can maintain a hectic schedule and get it all done.  So when we pause to sit, reading an email about Jesus or whatever, we are considered unproductive.  I don’t really know how much things have changed from years ago.  I think about my own family, and how my father didn’t help my mom much around the house.  She was always doing everything.  I don’t know if he even appreciated it.  I feel I’m jumping around a lot, I guess I’m just say maybe we don’t have to juggle so hard, but sometimes maybe we have to, I’m not a mother, but I can definitely respect all that a woman has to juggle, and some of us men as well, I think I’m identifying with women maybe because I grew up in a house full of women, and just saw it.  Funny I didn’t see it as well then as I can now.  Not sure if I’m getting everything I want to say through.  Many distractions going on today.  Many thoughts of the week to come.  Enjoying it but anxious as well about all my still time.  Just ready for the physical pains to go away.   Tired of being achy.

Many of you out there in Blogland are complete strangers to me, some are closer and I’ve been reading longer, but  I just wanted to let all you now how touched I am when I get a comment or an email from you guys.  Whether it be words of encouragement, words of comfort, or just words saying hello.  It just does my soul good.  It reminds me of the joy of being part of something nice.  I enjoy my time on here reading and writing.  I feel a brotherly love and feel I rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep.  I know many times, me included hesitate to reach out to someone we don’t know.  We wonder if it is appropriate or if it will mean anything to the person.  But these notes or comments as we call them do for me.  They remind us how much it means to be touched by a stranger

Like refreshing rain in summer or the gentle breeze in spring, Just a little gift of kindness.  Joy to someone’s heart can bring.”  Hess

The easiest thing in the world to be is you. The most difficult thing to be is what other people want you to be. Don’t let them put you in that position.
            — Leo Buscaglia



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5 Responses to “Time”

  1. It’s difficult to slow down. I’ve tried, but then I get caught doing yoga, reading a self-help book, and brewing chamomile tea, all at the same time, and I gotta just stop. 😉

    I hope your aches decide to take a permanent vacation somewhere far away and never return.

  2. Enjoyed the post hunk! You know that you (and Mike) have brought a lot of joy in to my life as I have gotten to know each of you. You each make me laugh in different ways. Hug bud. Party time is almost here….WOOHOO! Saturday I bask in the ‘Margarita” pool. LMAO!

  3. When I have too many duties, I spin around like I am a chicken with it’s head cut off. The effiecency is NOT there. I would DIE if someone was monitoring me with a stopwatch. I would be very agitated.

    I am glad you are still blogging Derek. 🙂 I look forward to the day we can jiggy dance together live and in person.

  4. I second what Brett said about the uncomfortableness and the shear rudeness that someone would be gauging you with a stopwatch. I love the quote at the end. It’s most-fitting.

  5. I cannot believe you made it through a whole day being scrutinized by that woman. I would’ve broken down…or I would’ve assaulted her.

    I guess the closest thing I’ve experienced is being “monitored” while I teach a class. Not fun at all!

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