Quoting Shakespeare and Doug

Doug over at http://whisperinthevoid.wordpress.com/ asks a few questions about style.   So he got me thinking.  Shakesespeare wrote “To thine own self be true”.   Seems I’m on a treasure hunt today for my personal style.   So maybe somehow weekly, I can look for or take you on a journey of looking for my style.  I just left the Musuem of Contempory Art.   There were interesting things in there I enjoyed.   Huge orbs.   I had never thought of those, but I loved them.   So maybe somehow even in my blog I keep a recording of my journey.  Today I sit with flipflops, DKNY khaki shorts and a light cotton short sleeve buttom up.   Comfort has always been important to me, so that’s important of my style I guess.  I like nature colors, browns, tans, and greens, but also sometimes black, or even a bright color to try and stand out.  My tastes are simple.   Clutter free is nice, and makes me feel good.  I look forward to a relaxing day.   I went to church, followed by the library to get some books to read, now it’s time for some relaxation.  Relaxation and my health feel most important to me right now.  I’m staying open to many things.   Hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend.   Here’s to being yourself and developing your own unique style.   Then again so many of you already have it.   I’m still working on it.

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4 Responses to “Quoting Shakespeare and Doug”

  1. It’s always good to make a mental not of what one’s style may be. I think I’m similar to you, in that I like things clutter-free; and earth-tone colors. 🙂

  2. I’m right there with you. Style: in-the-works. Though you’ve given me some good ideas.

  3. you probably have more ‘style’ than you think you do; people get it msxed up with fashion, another cup of tea entirely.

  4. Yours sounds nice… it’s like somewhere in the middle! 🙂

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