Push me higher

Go ahead give me a push.    Lately I seem to have been lost somewhere in my head and my thoughts.  Today I started early, made it a point not to sit around thinking.   I went to bed by 9:00 last night, so I could get up and go running five miles.   I had an encouraging push the entire five miles.   It was bad weather, sprinkling rain off and on the entire time, but I had that tingling sensation as the rain hit my skin.   As we run, and I am told to pick up the pace a bit.   A little spark of encouragement can ignite many things.   Running past a park I see empty swings because of the rain, but a thought of my childhood comes back to me.   I loved to swing, my mom would take us to a little place with swings.  I loved for my mom to push me.   I think now of Autumn, Eli, and Ethan, how they love for me to push them when they swing.  I think of my stepsister’s new baby Dylan that was born Thursday and thinking of him.   Also my brother is going to have a little boy.  Two more nephews that I’ll be pushing one day.  I have loved watching them grow, I’ve loved pushing them, but what’s fun is when they get to the age, like Autumn and Eli have already got to, they still like the push, but usually after the initial they’ve got it, they are moving those legs and swinging.  I finished the five miles, much faster than usual, with some encouragement.   Encouraging others along in life- it’s a pretty worthy purpose.   I’d like to say thanks to my family, my friends, and my blogger buddies, that have all been doing that for me.   I hope I can do it for you as well.  I’ve pampered myself since I finished the run.   Today it’s finally clearing up some after 5 days of constant rain.   I would rather be a cheering ray of light, inspiring and encouraging.  I’m climbing a ladder or a mountain for sure.   Hope your all enjoying your climb, be careful, it gets slippery at times, and you may fall back a step, or the mountain rocks may give way.   But we’re all going to make it to the top.   I just believe it.  I spoke to Autumn earlier today on the phone, she’s so funny.   She told me she was getting a new fish, I asked her what kind and she told me a piranha, I asked her what she was going to feed it and she said bones.   She’s a character.   I think I pushed her too much in those swings.   She even fell out a few times.   But she still loves to be pushed.   Nothing better than hearing Uncle Derek push me, higher!  Did you like to be pushed high?



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5 Responses to “Push me higher”

  1. Sounds like a wonderful morning, despite the rain. Sometimes cardio is just the trick to clear your head. When I was young, I used to love the swings…especially the fluttery tummy when I went too high.

    Have a good weekend, Derek! 🙂

  2. You’ve got a lot on your plate; and a push is probably going to be needed for a while 🙂

  3. We’ll keep you swinging and climbing higher.

  4. Ah, she’s a doll… picture perfect! Love the photo! As for me, no, I don’t really like to be pushed. I try to keep a steady pace myself and yet it’s not as easy as it sounds sometimes! 😉

    Good Sunday Derek.

  5. We all need a push from time to time. Sometimes I think I need a good shove. LOL If we didn’t have people in our lives to push us then we might never move.
    Kids are great! I love to watch my kids and wonder what they are thinking. You can almost see the wheels spinning in their minds. The best is hearing them say something so profoundly and then say “right mommy?”. Until they hit 13 and then they can care less what I think. LOL

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