Still in thought

Sitting in my silence looking about,

I see things in a diffrent light.

It is better to wait and discern the truth,

than to jump to conclusions

and forever be a fool.

Let me step back and listen

as the turbulent waters rise higher

upon emotions of web-like hatred

that entangles the least suspecting of all.

Remaining silent is sometimes the light,

for it is useless to argue and not know the truth.

The truth is sometimes overlooked

when dissension sets in

to warp the mind of the loser.

Yes, I’m back in my prose.  Now away from my prose, it’s been  raining, a lot, for days, no sunlight.   I started thinking about when I was in high school and college, I worked every summer as a lifeguard at a waterpark with those huge waterslides, it was called “Crystal Lake”.  There was a man that worked there named George he was an older man that always seemed to be working, he was the fix it man, and always carried an oil can, fixing gates, oiling chains.  His hands always reminded me of a mechanic.  Some of the girls called him a dirty old man.  But he did make sure the rides were safe and those who rode these rides could thank him for that.

Seems every day we encounter people whose lives creak with many problems.  In these cases we have two choices, either to aggravate their problems with criticism or try to oil their lives with a good spirit.  I hope I oil them when I can, I try to in life and on the blogs I read.

I think about all the people I know, family and friends, bloggers, and people at work.  Some carry unbearable burdens and long for the oil of a sympathetic word.   Others are defeated and feel like giving up.  Just one drop of encouragement could restore their hope.  Still others are just mean.  I feel helpless in many ways.  I feel like at times I didn’t oil the tinman.  Sometimes I get so caught up in the “what if’s” that I forget about the now.  I wish for new hope for all those people I love and have loved.



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5 Responses to “Still in thought”

  1. Hold still for a moment.
    We all want to oil you, too.
    It’s the least we could do: oil each other.

  2. Such a beautiful thought.

    Before you get too far down the path of helplessness, remember we aren’t responsible for anything other than the little bit of oil we can give to others. It’s up to them to decide what to do with it. We can’t control what others give back, so although you may try to relieve the burden of a friend or co-worker, not everyone will be as supportive.

  3. What a beautiful bit of prose! I’ve been wanting to get back into my writing too. While I work out on the eliptical and listen to music, I so often come up with such great verses or lines for a poem. But I’d have to stop constantly if I were to write all of it down.

  4. Thanks for your phone message. Wishing you a great Saturday and weekend.

  5. You’re a sweet man Derek. Don’t ever forget that! Even though it’s been raining, your good-hearted nature always, always shines through.


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