How do I become a better me, when there are outside forces that do nothing but try and cause turmoil and damage, those that have wronged or offended me? Maybe it was intentional, or maybe they don’t even know they’ve hurt me, or maybe just trying to stir things up. Steven wrote about drama on his entry the definition of it.  No matter what the circumstance, I know I have worked through so many things that the last step is to forgive.    Even those forces that do nothing but try and destroy.   Those forces from a dark place.  When we forgive, we seek love.  That is the easiest verse I remembered in the bible, “God is love”, and “Jesus wept”, maybe because they are the shortest, but mean so much.   If we don’t forgive, we are turning in the opposite direction–away from light. Choosing forgiveness doesn’t excuse the other person’s behavior.  It simply releases the debt they owe you so the God can release the debt you owe Him.   Forgiveness opens the door so that you can be free!  I’ve heard it said that forgiveness is giving up hope for a better past.    So today I try and let go of the past and look towards the future.   Seeking love by choosing forgiveness.  I know that once I do, I won’t bring up the issue anymore.   I’ll just be moving forward.   I try and take what that force meant for evil and turn it around for good!   I will continue to be honest with my feelings.   I chose forgiveness, and I ask for it as well. 


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8 Responses to “Forgiveness”

  1. To grant forgiveness is very difficult, but very freeing. When we become angry with another and refuse to forgive, we give that other power over us, power to consume and to waste our energies that could have been better channeled for good.

  2. May you find the inner peace. Sometimes, you will have to forgive yourself first for evrything happens. Best wishes to you.

  3. I agree with Lemuel. And you can’t control outside forces; only yourself.


  4. It’s those outside forces that oddly, in the end, make us stronger. Sometimes we need to be pushed to our limits to learn, to grow, to be stronger. Take one day at a time. Hug!

  5. ==>Forgiveness opens the door so that you can be free!


  6. I forgive very easily because I realize that people are human and they make mistakes. You are being very introspective these last few months Derek. I say, get up and try not thinking so darn hard. Just do a Jiggy Dance and embrace all the joys in life. 😉

  7. forgiveness is the hardest thing; it doesn’t count if it is easy.
    it is where love and justice meet.

  8. Somewhere the Bible has God saying “I will remember their sins no more…” This strikes me as a remarkable statement. It suggests that not only are sins forgiven, but transformed into something else… an occasion of grace. I got an inkling of this when my brother, from whom I had stolen some collectible coins when I was a kid, came to visit me in NY for the Statue Of Liberty 100th birthday. To show his appreciation he gave me a set of beautiful commerative silver U.S. Liberty Coins. We both understood the gesture. That’s forgiveness squared. I can’t look at them withouth choking up.

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