The Brave One


I do love me some Jodie Foster, I went and saw “The Brave One” tonight at the San Marco theatre.   Quite thought provoking for sure.   I loved it.  She’s been kicking butt in all the movies she’s been in lately, she’s a tough one.  Anna and the king was the only one I saw a more soft side, but loved her in that as well.   You definately feel her pain oh so well, yeah Derek just what you need more pain.  It’s quite emotional, and quite a roller coaster ride in ways.  Other than the movie, life in general is going on.   As life does.  Sink or swim as my fellow blogger Robert wrote, I heard another saying today.   Fake it till you make it.   I kind of liked that one as well.   No one said it was going to be easy, cause it sure as hell isn’t.   I went to church this morning.  I sang out! My show Brothers and Sisters starts back tonight, I love new seasons.   Hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend.


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  1. Now I gotta go see it!

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