Life goes fast

My cousin Mark, one of the biggest FSU fans in the world came down last night for the FSU/Alabama game today.  I was happy to see him, hadn’t seen him since Aunt Evelyn’s birthday a few months ago.   It was nice having him here, his family has been going through some really hard times.   His sister’s husband and a friend were out biking one weekend morning and at 8:00 in the morning a drunk driver hit them both and killed them.   Leaving my cousin and her two children without a father, and her without a husband.  This just happend a few weeks.  Mark has been spending every weekend with his sister and niece and nephew.  This weekend he came here, mostly for the game, but also to be here with his cuz.   He reads my blog and knows I’ve been going through a hard time.  Sometimes things in life seem so unfair.   Life goes fast, and for me its scary to think that it could be taken away from me so quickly.  Death is scary subject, but I’m going to try and address it.   I was speaking to my mom earlier this morning she was talking about she lived past half her life and she wasn’t afraid of it.   For me it’s not death that’s so frightening, it’s the dying that scares me.    I shouldn’t be so scared, because I know something is better.   But it sure makes me want to live more for the moments, cause when something tragic like this happens without warning, it makes us appreciate more what we have.   I read this somewhere once that, “What the caterpillar thinks is the end of life, the butterfly thinks is just the beginning.”   I think it’s about how we chose to live our life that is important, so that is my lesson for the day.   I will be glad though when the day comes that all fear will melt away, when I see the LIGHT.    It’s beautiful out!  Time to go enjoy it, I think this is the best weather we’ve had all year.   I love the coolness as it hits my face.   Hope everyone else is enjoying it as well.   This is my cuz at Wimbleton this past year.   He spends 8 weeks each year teaching in London.   What a life, he really loves his job.  Thanks Mark for coming to see your cuz, even though I know it’s cause your just a sports freak of nature that can’t get enough football.   Hope your Noles make it a red tide like the beaches are this week.  I’d already written this post but just was reading my email’s and got one from Al, my heart goes out to him as well. One day I’m writing about survival, and then the next day the opposite extreme



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8 Responses to “Life goes fast”

  1. I will be at FSU on October 26th when Sarah Silverman is performing there!

  2. i see this really is the day….

    i absolutely love your post today- thank you.

    the approach works – if you work it..:p

  3. It is nice that your cousin visited you. And you sound more upbeat now. Hsng in there, Derek. Have a nice weekend.

  4. Don’t fear death or dying buddy…there is something so wonderful beyond…

  5. I like the quote about the caterpillar and the butterfly.

    I’m so sorry to hear about your cousin’s family my friend. May they find peace in this troubled times. Sometimes I feel that I’m simply just looking, and not be in it. Life indeed is multi-colored.

  6. We like to dabble in the paints of the divine, however we are still only animals. Death is our closest sister and once one comes face to face with the fact that it happens to all and nothing cna be done to stop its tide…. we will be fine then.

  7. endure and persevere and keep going.

  8. Knowing that mortality could come at any time, w/o warning, does make one ponder what unfinished things remain to be done in their life, and thei9r purpose (i.e. what they are here to accomplish). It makes one focus on things that matter, and to leave behind things that do not. Here is a poem that makes up the text associated with the fifth movement of Shostakovich’s 13th symphony, about a man who focused on what was important (Galileo) and the people around him who focused on falseness.

    A Career

    Yevgeny Yevtushenko (Translated by George Reavey)

    Galileo, the clergy maintained
    was a pernicious and stubborn man.
    But time has a way of demonstrating
    the most stubborn are the most intelligent.

    In Galileo’s day, a fellow scientist
    was no more stupid than Galileo.
    He was well aware the earth revolved,
    but he also had a large family to feed.

    Stepping into a carriage with his wife,
    after effecting his betrayal,
    he believed he was launched on a career,
    though he was undermining it in reality.

    Galileo alone had risked asserting
    the truth about our planet,
    and this made him a great man… His was
    a genuine career as I understand it.

    I salute then a career,
    when the career is akin to
    that of a Shakespeare or Pasteur,
    a Newton or Tolstoy- Leo!

    Why did people fling mud at them all?
    Talent speaks for itself, whatever the charges.
    We’ve forgotten the men who abused them,
    Remember only the victims of slander.

    All who rushed into the stratosphere,
    the doctors who perished fighting cholera,
    were, all of them, men of career!
    I take their careers as my example!

    I believe in their sacred faith.
    Their faith is my very manhood.
    I shall therefore pursue my career
    by trying not to pursue one.


    To this poem, I say “Amen”.

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