When darkness comes I focus on the light.   I feel I’m trying so hard to keep strong and keep a positive outlook on everything.    Sometimes though there are other forces at play, in the darkness.   I’ve probably written about this before, but when I was in the third grade I had this crazy interest in Greek mythology.   It was amazing, and most all of mankind had the pagan idea that the world is under the control of the mighty Zeus, and the warring Gods of Artemis and Apollo.   These stories amazed a young Derek.   Today, after the night I had acknowledge the reality of “forces” over which we have no control.  The example for me, is my inability to prevent hurt.  A force sent to someone they say with care, but only cause confusion and hurt.   My mind goes in so many directions, I watch the news and I see the faces of starving children.   This is one of those forces as well.   I mean there are a million people starving but the fact is there is more than enough food in the world to provide every person in every country food.  There are invisible forces that seem to be beyond our control.   Seems we face things beyond our control at times.   At times when they are just pushed onto me, I hate when someone is hurting, when Mike is hurting, and someone caused that hurt, and I am left helpless.   So in these time I let go of any fear, and place my trust in Jesus.  Please continue keeping us both in your thoughts and prayers  I was emailing a friend about how much I’m enjoying “The 72 Names of God” in his email back to me, he said the trick to it is ot just reading it, but living it.  I’m thinking this would really be wonderful.  The book talks about our purpose in life being to find the Light that was hidden at the moment of Creation.   Funny how I keep coming back to the light!   Turn the light on.  Only if we can find the hiding spot can the purpose be fulfilled.  The hiding spot being our negative traits that’s buried inside.  Guess that’s when life gently knocks us on the head.   I’ve got so many damn bruises on my head from ignoring it.  Not sure what I’m trying to say.  But I sure know I’d like to get rid of all the negative forces that seem to be out there.   It’s been raining so much lately, but a little sunshine came out for a little bit again this morning, and I started singing again, “Let the sunshine In”, been singing that a lot lately.  My sister Dena is having her gall bladder taken out today also, so keep her in your thoughts and prayers as well.


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  1. When I was in third grade, I carried a stuffed chicken to school with me every day, he sat on my desk. You were far more advanced than I was back then 🙂 Sorry but that’s the first thing that came to mind as I was reading this post. On a more serious note, your thoughts run deep and it seems that they have for a long time. Soon all the negative will be gone, well most of it anyway. Think positive, that’s what I try to do 🙂

  2. There’s that word…GALLBLADDER. You know my mom knows all to well about emergency gallbladder surgery. Hope all goes well with your sister’s surgery. Hug bud.

  3. prayers for all of you; indeed!

  4. Best luck to your sister and hope that she recovers soon.

  5. why does the dark have to be wrong? It is the mix of light and lack that brews a potent elixir of life, learn to accept Artemis as much as Apollo… IMHO


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