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My mind is full today as it is lately every day.  So I fill my blog with thought.  What is man for?  If you know what something is designed to do, then you know its purpose in life.  A eagle loves to soar; a lion loves to hunt.  It’s what they are made for.  Desire reveals design, and design reveals destiny.  In the case of us, HUMANS, our design is revealed by our own desires.  When I was young, I’ve always said, when my mom asked me where I was going.  “On an adventure”, I would tell her.  That’s what we’re on an adventure.  What a wonderul mission He gave Adam and his sons in the beginning.  An incredible mission.  Rule and subdue, be fruitful and multiply.  He gave us the entire earth to explore.  Wow!  Care for it and make it your kingdom.  I’m in awe now, what an invitation this was.  Eden was the only garden, everything else was wild and waiting for exploriation.  No rivers crossed, no mountains climbed.   Nothing discovered, a clean canvas just like our new days.  A clean canvas waiting for a painting, a masterpiece. 

Sometimes I think people think they are simply here to kill time- and it’s killing them.  I’m guilty and have been guilty of this.  But I know the truth is just the opposite.  It’s about the secret longing of your heart.  Whether it be to plant a field and care for it like our forefathers, build a boat or sail it, to write a play or act in it.  Those are the things we are made to do.  That’s what we’re here for.  I want it so bad, I ask for it.  Let me find it. 

I awoke telling myself I couldn’t make it to church.   Told myself it would just be to hard.  Somehow I managed, I saw Mike for the first time since he left, I even gave him a hug.   I know he’s going through many emotions too, so keep him in your thoughts as well.   I feel I want to write today.   The ole mind is full, and I just want to release it all.  If I come up with anymore I’ll just add to this entry.

I was just thinking about my ole buddy Spider, so something Aunt May says in one of the movies says it best, “I believe there is a hero in everyone of us”.   I really believe that

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