Call me Mr. Clean



It’s a beautiful Saturday morning, I arose at 5:30, probably because I went to bed at 7:30.  I knew it was going to be beautiful but had no idea how hot.   I went down by the river and took me a five mile run, I didn’t know how far it would be when I started but that’s how far it took me.   The sun hadn’t rose and on almost every bench on the river was a homeless person sleeping.   Made me think my problems are so very small.  I asked God to bless each one as I ran past them.  I got home and decided it time to clean, yes just call me Mr. Clean!   I always enjoyed cleaning, well not lately but I did.   So today I cleaned, actually I’m just taking a little break.   Cleaning gives me a sense of accomplishment.   For a moment at least, life is tidy and has meaning.   Sitting here now on my little break makes me think of my neighbor growing up, Mrs. Ellen, she was a nurse and she always made things nice.   Her house was always tidy clean, you could probably eat off her floor.  I guess the world has made a lot of progress.   Back in the days disease was an act of God.   Then someone figured out it was just human stupidity.   So we’ve been cleaning up our acts, so to speak, ever since.   Wash our hands, clothes, behind the ears, food, and CLEAN HOUSE!  I wish someone could invent something to get it out of our minds.  A cup of Sparkle that will lift dirt from our lives, soften us when we’re cold, protect our heart, stop us from going bald, improve our tan, I found that already, lol. And make us nice and good!   That I’m still looking for.   Dreaming again Derek!   By the way don’t try laundry detergent, I got some in my mouth today, it is awful.  But at least my tongue is clean now.  

I’ve had quite a few people email me about what’s going on.   I really havn’t went into everything.   I’m trying to get to a peaceful place, like the day I took this picture.  Keep us both in your prayers.   God is handling this in a way that is best for us all.   Everyone involved.   This may be one of those hard growing places in a relationship that makes all the differnece in the world, or it may be both of us going in a different direction.   But I believe God will bless the outcome that offers growth for the both of us.  The big picture for me today is to take all I’ve seen today on this peaceful morning as the sun beats down on my skin, yeah it’s hot, but I enjoy the energy I feel from nature around me, the calming effect of the breeze in the trees as I pass by them.   I’m trying to surrender to a higher power.   I’m trying to say thank you, and I’ll do whatever you want.   I think we were put here for a purpose.   I will continue on my journey looking for it.   Trying to trust in the goodness of life, and the intentions God has for us.   It’s definitely not easy though, and at times I’m feeling overwhelmed with so many different feelings.   I know I just have to sort through them all.   I do know whatever I feel, I feel it, and things and people outside myself can’t stop our pain or heal us.  It’s up to us.  All change begins there. 


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4 Responses to “Call me Mr. Clean”

  1. You are both in my thoughts and prayers. It’s hard to deal with friends hurting when so far away. Whatever I can do…

  2. well, regardless of the outcome, you sound like you are taking the right/positive approach to it; rather than focusing on the ‘why is this happening to me?’ you are looknig for the strenghts to get through it.g
    good for you!
    hang in there.

  3. Good Sunday Morning! What a beautiful picture, makes me wish I could could insert myself right there in the sunbeam. The homeless situation in this country needs to be addressed but you never hear anyone talk about it. There’s no reason why anyone should be without shelter.
    I’ve been busy cleaning too, it never ends. LOL
    Have a wonderful day!

  4. Okay. Hi Mr. Clean! Tag, you’re it!

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