Turn the light ON


If your not turning the light off your doing what,  Turning it ON.   It’s a little story he always loved to tell people about me, loved laughing at my southern drawl.   Last night I was talking to my mom and she said one I hadn’t heard in a while.   Musta did.   O.k. I’ll use it in a sentence.    You musta did.   That was sentence according to mom.   Back to the light story.   Mike always enjoyed hearing my long drawl on the word on.   Two letters but for me it sounds like a few more.  It’s only been four days since Mike moved out.   What do I miss the most?  Maybe him laughing at my southern accent.   Although I think his is pretty southern form living in Florida most of his life, even though he’s from Pennsalvania.   So what have I been doing for the last five days, well sitting in a pretty quiet house.   Sitting in the dark a lot, but last night, I turned the light ON.  When I did I laughed a bit just thinking about it.   Then a song came to mind.  “You are the light of the World”   We sing it in church a lot.   It’s a powerful word picture of the impact of contrast.  There is a recognizable difference between light and the prevailing darkness of our world.  So I’ve turned the light on, I’m letting my light shine.   I hope if anything my blog has lead others out of darkness, and shown them some light, even when I’m hurting.   Child of light!  That’s me.   Alright ya’ll turn your light ON  I was just reading on one of my other blogs the first day we spent in this place, funny we were both reading about light then too.  It’s Saturday morning now, I’m about to do some cleaning but will be back to write more as the day progresses. http://journals.aol.com/deveil/CelebrationofMyExhistance/entries/2005/05/30/clean-and-empty-beach-house/2253.


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9 Responses to “Turn the light ON”

  1. I’m slow to pick up on things. I didn’t know Mike moved out 😦

  2. i haven’t had a chance to read the blogs this week – until now.
    heavens1 such news you have.
    i am sorry and saddened for you pain
    this weekend i hope to go back and read your earlier entries to see what i missed and hopefull to understand what is going on.
    remember you are not alone.

  3. *Big Hug*
    Sorry to hear about Mike, but glad to read that you’re letting you light shine through the darkness.

  4. D…you turned my light ON the first moment we started communicating and it only brightened the day we met for the first time. I hope that light never goes out. Mike will always be apart of that regardless of the direction things go here. Hugs!

  5. What is going on down there? I had no idea! Well, some idea…but I’ve been away from the blog for only a few days and now this. I wish you a day of peace and LIGHT. I Love that “Light of the World” song. Happiness to you….especially in silence and quietness.

  6. I just got back, and I’m with all the others here Derek. I had no idea that Mike moved out. 😦 Light heals… Tho a funny thing, I was reading a book and there’s one chapter that talked about Darkness….

    Anyway, I hope you feel better Derek. Take great care of yourself!

  7. Derek, Your writing, your photographs, your emotions, your words, the things you describe, all strike a chord with me. I came here this morning to be cheered up but instead have cried. This post, the one below it, and the one above it, are all pieces of a whole emotional and spiritual tapestry that is you. There is a YouTube vid I posted today that is a visual film someone did for a piece of music that has captured my soul of late. Adagio for Strings from Samuel Barber’s string quartet. The photographs above and below could have been lifted from the vid.

    Your photographs,and your words, are the very essence of what Barber was emotionally and spiritually expressing in this deeply moving third movement. That is why you have so moved me those Sunday morning, as you have expressed the very things I am filled with. It also makes me now think of another piece of music titled “Sunday Morning” by yet another gay composer, Benjamin Brittan, that I will share with you someday.

    Aretha Franklin has a song that opens her “One Lord One Faith One Baptism” CD that I also thought of with your “Turn the Light ON”.

    I must go for now, but sending many warm thoughts to you. Will

  8. Here is the aretha CD cover and song I mentioned above.

    [audio src="http://www.fileden.com/files/2006/12/28/566743/Jesus%20is%20the%20Light.mp3" /]

  9. Really sorry about Mike’s move out. Hope that things will get better for you soon.

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