Just my mind thinking again


The purpose of a man’s heart are deep waters, but a man of understanding draws them out.  Proverbs 20:5

Lately it seems I’ve been doing some serious pondering. Life in general.  Lessons, still learning them from day to day.  I’m reminded of these things every day, even though I know many of them they are firmly established in the truth I now have. Pretty powerful stuff huh.  That’s what happens when I have to sit alone in a house by myself, I havn’t even turned on the television that sits there.  The question was once asked Who do you want to be-the critic in the stands or the man in the arena?  I’ve been thinking about how I’ve been living lately.  Thinking about what holds me back.  Sometimes I think it’s just me holding myself back.  I don’t want to be the critic and tell someone how they are or what was done is wrong.  Although I don’t see anything wrong with telling them how I feel about something.  I honestly just want to be in the arena.  I want a worthy cause.  I want to believe in myself.  I have talents that I need to dare to believe in and go after. Seems so many times I find distractions to keep me away from going after the things in life I know I need to strive for.  I’m a thinker, sometimes I can’t sleep for my head keeps going long after I lie down to rest.  I want a stronger mind, I want a healthier body.  In the silence I’ve felt wonderful feelings, I know it’s all up to me.  Maybe it’s time for me to sit down and make a list.  It’s been a long time since it’s been this quiet.  I’ve awoken the last two days knowing it’s a brand new day!  Yesterday was a good day, I’ve never smiled and made eye contact with so many.  I usually smile anyway but I made it a point to.  The results were amazing, I never saw so many people open up to a total stranger.   It was a very rewarding day yesterday.  Today has had it’s share of wonderful moments as well.   I know they will keep on coming.

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7 Responses to “Just my mind thinking again”

  1. KEEP THE TELEVISION OFF! Talk about ruining your life.
    I love the Proverb. In fact, today, I need it. Bad.

  2. You always manage to look on the bright side. And it manages to come through when you do. Your in my thoughts…Mike to.

  3. I feel you and know all about the thinking thing. Sometimes we can get so lost in thoughts; that we don’t realize the amount of time which has passed. But you seem to have a positive grasp on things, my friend 🙂

  4. I’m a lot like you, I think and re-thing things all the time. It’s good to take stock of life every now and then. You have to remember the amazing talents you currently show (photography, great writer, sexy legs, etc). I think we can be our own worse critics sometimes.

  5. “I want to believe in myself. I have talents that I need to dare to believe in and go after.”

    I want to believe in you, too. And I do!


  7. The picture takes my breath away. Such passion. Eternal passion captured in digital format. The words too…seem familiar to me. Very familiar and and fresh as my own ponderings and writings of this very morning.

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