Say what you mean, feel what you feel



My last entry was probably pretty vague, but thanks for the comments and emails.  Actually my feelings were made known the very next morning after I wrote what I did.   We’ve both been going through a lot, and I guess we’ve both felt we are not seen.   Funny he says all the time I never write about him on my blog.   I know I do though.   Taking things day by day, that’s about all we can do.   I saw my therapist yesterday, so that helped a lot, for me it’s about letting go of trying to control a situation.    I have choices, but I can’t control what another human being does or feels or doesn’t feel.   Maybe I’m still being vague, just taking things and soaking them all in.   I heard from an old friend yesterday that just made my whole year so far.   More about that later, I’m going to make him my hunk of the week, lol.   I’m on my lunch break right now, about to head back to work.    Then bootcamp after work, then meeting at the church at 7:30.  Here’s some more pictures from the weekend.  Aaron sure has grown.  Now the twins are growing so much too.  The tree picture is of Big Talbott Island, these old trees have actually eroded onto the beach, more pictures later of the trees after beings washed ashore, there is something erie, and somewhat beautiful as well about this place.


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3 Responses to “Say what you mean, feel what you feel”

  1. As usual, those are some absolutely beautiful photos!

  2. Humans are so complex yet so simple at the same time. You were both thinking/feeling the same but were probably both wondering what was going on with the other. I will speak for myself here and say that I am a huge overthinker and will complicate a situation 100xs more than need be when given too much time to think.
    Such cute kids!

  3. Well Derek…tell Mike to get back to blogging about you a bit too! For that matter, back to blogging in general. We miss his silly singing antics on his blog video posts. LOL. The kids are growing like weeds. Aaron truly is turning into a handsome boy. Looking forward to seeing more of your photo work and hearing about your friend.

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