Today at Big Talbot Island


We had a nice day today, started with a 8:30 photoshoot, I havn’t really got to look at them, but I know they turned out good.   Turk, Andrew, Mike and I went to Big Talbot Island, and just enjoyed the trees and the bird sanctuary, it was quite beautiful to me.  Calming.  I’m quite tired and about to hit the sack, I may edit some of the wedding or baby pictures from the twins today.   Hope all enjoyed their Labor Day weekend.  My feelings tonight, I’m not sure.   Lost in ways.  I feel like the person I love doesn’t look at me, doesn’t see me.  I may be wrong, it may just be the way I’m feeling tonight.   I look at the pictures he takes while we with our friends, he always takes pictures of our friends but rarely takes them of me, but here I am snapping away at the man I love.   Feeling lost.   Thought I’d try and be truer to my feelings on here.   Sometimes I paint a picture of everything through rose colored glasses.  I’m not saying I’m not loved.   I just feel like I’m not seen sometimes.   I could probably write more but I’ll keep it short.  

Andrew put on a good concert for us again tonight, he brought over his electric guitar, the man can play.   I’m glad he feels comfortable with Mike and I.   Well folks it’s back to the workplace tomorrow.   I wish is was Labor Week, and we had the whole week off.   I ate way to much, and I didn’t work out any last week, so I’ve got to get back on track.

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9 Responses to “Today at Big Talbot Island”

  1. Hi Derek, thank you for the words of inspiration! I hope you’re feeling better about things today. I know how you feel about not being seen, it can really bring a person down. It’s best to get your feelings out there though, communication is key.
    Have a great day!

  2. Nice pictures! Like Kim said above, communication is very important. Everybody shows his/her emotion/love in different way. All it take might just be a little more mutual understandings. Good luck!

  3. as always lovely photos, handsome men – and my computer has a breakdown trying to view it !

  4. Derek…what beautiful pics. I need you one of these days to take really good shots of me. In any event…I think Mike is much better looking with the hair and beard. Still a BOTTOM though! LMAO! Now as for not feeling ‘seen,’ bud you need to verbalize what you thinking concisely to that man of yours. Internalizing it ain’t going to help. And then the question comes around…is there something distracting Mike in his daily activities that is masking how he sees you?

  5. It’s okay to vent on your blog baby. I know the Shrew sometimes controls me by holding back on things I could get freely and very easily elsewhere. Drive me up the wall. (but it works) Maybe your partner thinks you have enough pics of yourself, which is ridiculous. You should take as many pics of yourself as you can. When you are pushing 60 something, you are going to really like looking back at all the pics and fondly smiling back about what a hunk you are. 😉

  6. Great photos, Derek. Looks like a good time was had by all. 🙂

  7. Ah, the heart is being worn on the sleeve of the virtual internet blogosphere. I know those feelings, but not well, thankfully. Occasionally, I’ll have to wave my hands in front of his face….”HELLO”…..Not a good feeling. But, then again, we can’t run our lives strictly on feelings either. Ask about it. Without judgment. Me, on the other hand, have a million pics of my honey……and he’s getting better about taking the camera from me and taking some of me too. I’m thinking of you…….
    PS…..Did you know that I’m going to be in Orlando every Monday of September starting next week……..

  8. Great photos, Derek. It looks like you had a great time. You may ask that Mike take more photos of you, but don’t think that his lack of “photos with Derek not in them” doesn’t mean there’s a fading of love. Think of it as Mike wanting to get pics of people he may not see on a regular basis. And since he can hold you in a physical sense, he wants to hold the others in a tangible sense through the photos. Just a thought. Don’t worry, be happy! 😉

  9. All I see are two woofy men!

    Always here if you want to chat 😉

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