I am still here

It’s been busy lately, lots of photojobs going on, weddings, photoshoot, and lots of editing, mainly editing.   So really havn’t had a chance to get around to writing much.   So yes I’ve been bottling up my feeling once again.  This is a picture of our most recent bride and groom, Stuart and Ashley, sweet couple, we did joke them that their entire wedding was being run by a bunch of Mo’s, the wedding planner, the photographer’s, the wedding singer, the florist, probably more, but that was all I knew.   They were a sweet little couple.   Ashley being small and dainty,  and Stuart being tall and large.  

My dad went in the hospital Tuesday on his 66th birthday.   It was nice spending last week with him with my brother and sisters, and niece and nephews.    He just found out he has prostate cancer a few months ago, around the same time our buddy Spider did.   My dad had 96 radioactive seeds implanted in him yesterday to burn the cancer.   My dad feels really good about the surgery and procedure.   He’s doing good and is in recovery.  Life in general lately has been filled with a series of tests.   Nothings ever easy.   Mike and I have been going through our own battles so to speak with each other.   Trying to find ourselves in it all.   We’ve been doing a little couples counseling with our church group, it’s been helpful.   Much I’ve learned, and I guess I’m still learning, but it has been helpful to see we’re not the only one’s that have struggles.  This past week was on communication.   Wow I guess I struggle with that one too.   We’ve got to know better a few other couples from our church which has been nice as well.

We’ve also got to know our friend Andrew a lot better.   I’ve realized we are definately all different, I think I once had the mindset that everyone was like me that is 20, when I was 20.   Not sure where I came with that assumption.   We are all different.    He’s quite bright, and quite deep, much as I was when I was younger.   He’s a thinker for sure.   He challenges my way of thinking, and I hope maybe we give him another view as well.   All in all I’ve just enjoyed being around him and making a new friend.   That in itself has been a blessing for me, because I’m not the best at letting my guard down long enough to even do that like I used to be.   Life is good even with its daily struggles and I still thank God for each day that I’m given here, well maybe I don’t thank HIM enough but I really am thankful.   Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.   We have an engagement shoot later on today, hope it doesn’t rain. 



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8 Responses to “I am still here”

  1. Awwwwww 😛 Between your Father and work; you have a lot on your plate. Thinking of you 🙂

  2. Geez, I’m sorry, still waking up. The emoticon after awwww is supposed to be this —-> 😦

  3. I hope your dad’s surgery goes well and he has a quick recovery. You take beautiful pictures! I’ll be back to check out your archives. Have a great weekend!

  4. That is a beautiful pic! I’m sure they’ll be very happy! 🙂

  5. Take care. Stay true, loving, and respectable.

  6. Well, I hope all goes well for your Dad. Mine turns 68 on Monday.

  7. Hope that you dad recovers completely soon. And best luck to you and Mike. You two make such a good/woof couple. 🙂

  8. Hi,

    Prosate cancer is very dangrous …

    But We have to fight it ..

    And i think we will find midicne for it

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