Daytona Beach


Here’s just a few pictures from Daytona Beach this week.  I’ll write more later.


~ by deveil on AugustUTCb000000pmThu, 23 Aug 2007 21:46:33 +000007 19, 2007.

9 Responses to “Daytona Beach”

  1. Great photos, and from the smile, it looks like you’re having a blast!

  2. Nice! It’s great that you and your family had a good time there.

  3. These are great photos, Derek! It looks like everyone is having a blast. Have a great weekend. 😀

  4. the two ladies look like they just sat on something cold and not pleasant….
    good photos as always

  5. What a bunch of hams 🙂
    You take portraits very well!
    Looks like everyone had a great time.

  6. Fantastic photos. You know…your little brother is almost a spittin’ image of you. If her were tanned darker, had your gruffy beard, and a little fur added in, I think we all would think we were looking at paternal twins.

  7. Looks like a lot of fun! That one picture of the two girls crossing their eyes looks kind of like that movie with Haley Joel Osmond “AI”.

  8. Great photos man. Not sure who everyone is, but it looks like you’re having/had a wonderful time. I’m totally jealous!

  9. You haven’t blogged in a little while. I hope everything is going well 🙂

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