Headed to Daytona Beach


Our  new friend Andrew took these pictures of me at the beach on Saturday.   It was really a perfect day for the beach, although he wore me out.   I think we must have swam in the Ocean for 3 hours.  I always seem to be looking back in happiness in all that I do and experience.   Lately it’s been daily and I feel blessed to have been feeling such good things.   He’s really a good guy.   I was thinking about my inner voice today.   Sometimes I try to express it and it just doesn’t come out right.   I think Mike and I see him, and think of some of the own hurts we may have felt in our life and we just want to spare him some.   I wrote this a while back, but was thinking about it tonight.

Inner Voice

by Derek Veal

I watch the clock ticking away from day to day
My head is filled with thoughts as moments pass
I think about the part in which I play
My heart and mind are felling quite a mess

An age and name, I must be something more
Can they see beyond the outer me
I need to know and look within
I pray for an answer, who am I to be

I have begun to see the picture clear
My place and path becoming well defined
My inner voice is calling ever dear
I listen very close and I feel

The one and only, bright and shining star
My self, an open book, unique by far
He is an enigma, understanding himself too.

 I was scared at the time I wrote this but I look back now and see it was a time of growth.  I wish this for our new friend Andrew too.

Well guys I’m leaving tomorrow morning for Daytona Beach for my nephews and my dad’s birthday, ages 3, 5, and 66, wonder if they have a three for one special at Toys 4 us?  Looking forward to seeing the kids as always.   I love them so much!   I did a photoshoot Saturday morning with the triplets and their big sister, they were so cute, here’s two pictures from that as well.  Oh and I promise I will get all the questions answered from last week.  I want to answer them all in one big entry.   I’ve been getting quite a few emailed to me.



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8 Responses to “Headed to Daytona Beach”

  1. Wurf! Great photos of you. And the kids are beautiful. Have fun and be safe in Daytona!

  2. Nice pictures! Enjoy the birthday party at Daytona!

  3. Daytona? Is that “Where the Boys Are”??? I remember that movie.

  4. Who’s that sexy man in all those photos?

    Have a great time in Daytona!

  5. indeed great photos; you have a lovely smile.

  6. WOO HOO! Great photos. I hope you have a great time in Daytona. 🙂

  7. Mr. D., You’d have had a camera field day last night at a 11th b-day party for a beautiful girl and her gaggle of squealing friends (plus two drag along surly boys and a happy five year old brother who shares my birthday). The b-day girl is naturally photogenic. Every time she has her picture taken for anything, it ends up being used in magazines and brochures. Currently she is featured in an immense blow up at the flagship American Girl store on Fifth Avenue in NYC. She is not a professional model. That occurred because of a vacation and a visit to the store where you can have a mock up magazine cover shot of your child holding a doll. The picture came out ridiculously good.
    So are you a professional photographer? Your own work has exquisiteness to it.
    The ocean looks warm in these pics. This is the coldest ass summer I have seen here since I moved back here in 1997. Last night we were all freezing and putting on coats at the b-day barbeque. A year old at the same b-day party it was so hot that we were all sweating up a storm. Go figure.
    Tony posted three new paintings (they are all from April of this year, if that counts as new) on the site. Time for me to take a bath and then resume pruning in the backyard. Found some water damage from this past winter on a wall that I need to add to my list of things to attend to… I need to find a husband (or a flannel dyke) who loves doing all that indoor ‘homestead toolbelt’ stuff. I would rather be doing almost anything else. Cheers to you bear boy, Will.

  8. OK,
    That furry Critter in the first picture is generating wild fantasies. I could so get lost in all that fur. Suddenly I feel a chill all over this naked body of mine and a need for a warm “FURRY BLANKET.” Might you know of someone that could assist me there. LOL. 😛

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