Wednesday night thoughts


We met a new person to town yesterday.   We’ve been chatting with him for a while now, he was moving here to Jacksonville for a while from far away, over there where Tony lives.   He finally got moved here 2 weekends ago.  We were supposed to meet him at Gaypride but we didn’t make it, so we invited him over last night.   He’s a really nice guy.   He brought his guitar and even gave us a little concert.   He’s young, twenty.   Seems to have a good head on his shoulders.   I would like for Mike and I to be good role models for him, something I never really had when I was coming out.  No one served as my mentor, but I sure wish someone had.   I don’t think he’s looking for mentor’s.   I think he’s just looking for friends.   But much comes back to me when we were with him.   The twenty year old Derek came back.  I wished for someone older and wiser to take me aside and say, “your alright, Derek, you can grow up to be anything you want, your not crazy or sick or evil, all the things, I heard about gay people growing up.  I thought I was all those things.  I want to tell him he can succeed and be happy and find peace with friends, all kinds of friends.  Most of all though he can be loved without hating himself for it.   No one ever said that too me.  The message is simple, yes you are a person, yes I like you, yes it’s alright to like me too.  I was full of questions.  We had many differences in our backgrounds, religion.   But I keep an open mind.   Mike really enjoyed his company too.   I think he likes thinking of himself as a big brother and protecting someone.   After he left I told him, we are actually old enought that he could be our son.   Lots of thoughts.    Look forward to making a new friend.  

Here’s some picture’s Mike took of me tonight.


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2 Responses to “Wednesday night thoughts”

  1. Well unlike Mikey’s pose which wreaked with “Come Hither”, yours says”AHHHHHHHH!’ You must have topped Mike. HEHEHEHE!! LMAO. Gotch’ya Mike. I’m soooooooooo bad!

  2. Nice smile! Can we see the rest part of you that missed from the photo? 🙂

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