I’m back, and so is Gerard Butler from 300


I’m back from Georgia, the computer is working, a whole new motherboard, and tonight they came to hook up the fast access.   I’d forgotten how bad the stone age of dial up was.   Well I had a awesome time in Georgia, more about that later and some new pictures but tonight 300 came out on dvd, so you can imagine what we’re doing.  Glad to be back hope I’ll be catching up with everyone’s blog soon.

~ by deveil on JulyUTCb000000pmTue, 31 Jul 2007 20:51:05 +000007 19, 2007.

10 Responses to “I’m back, and so is Gerard Butler from 300”

  1. Welcome home! Glad you are back and had a good time! Glad the computer if fixed also!

  2. Glad you had an awesome time. A pic of Gerard is a nice way to start my day . Thank You 🙂

  3. Look forward to the Georgia report. I’ve not seen 300, but I hear it is eye candy delight.

  4. please send Mr. Butler over this weekend to discuss Greek History

  5. I thought this was a picture of you when I first looked at it….thought you’d gone to Georgia for a total makover on one of those reality series.

  6. So glad to read that your computer is back up and running. I got my copy of 300 yesterday and have watched it twice already. Gerard Butler is SUCH a muscle stud! 🙂

  7. Wow, I need to rent this one. I missed it in the theater. Gerard really is nice to look at!

  8. Sending cheers to you and to yours. Playing a quick visit to the web in between chain sawing down Laurel hedges (which are monstrosities to my horticultural tastes).

  9. Welcome back! Glad you had a good time in Georgia. So now I’m the only one left in the dial-up world, huh?

    So 300 came out on DVD? I imagine what you’re doing has the two of you in loin cloths! 😉

  10. Welcome back from Georgia! Look forward to seeing the pictures you took there. It is good that your computer got fixed as well. “300” is a cool movie.

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