Harry Potter


Well as I stated we went to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on Sunday.  I’ve read all the books except for the one that comes out shortly.   The movie was awesome, I enjoyed the book better than I usually do, but I think they did good at what they cut out,   I mean, the last movies seemed not to cut anything and dragged in places.  This one was two hours and it worked for me.  Order of the Phoenix was the longest of the series but as far as the film is concerned, I thought it captured my imagination as well as the book as any of the other ones. Can’t believe this is number 5, Mike and I kept saying, I saying it was the fifth, and he saying it was only the fourth, it sure took a long time for the creators to find the right pace, but I think they did it  The underlying thematic of this film is Potter and his army for the return of Voldemort.   There were a lot of great side stories that were left out from the movie that fans of the book missed?  I know, I’ve been reading eveyone else’s blogs.  Yes, of course. But were those details missed? Not really. In fact, the film was able to include lots and lots of foreshadowing for events that take place in the next book 6 that people who don’t read the books will not notice or even pick up on.  I love the portrayal of the new characters in the book.   Especially Loony Luna Lovegood.   She was awesome.   I could write an entry on her all by itself. 



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  1. I read an interview of the directory (first Potter movie he directed) about the same problem. This is so far the thickest book but shortest film. The director explained that he felt that all previous films were too long and he just wanted to make it more compact and tight. He was originally planning to complete cut off any scene of Black family’s house elf but J.K. Rowling warned him that it would cause big problems in the later fim (hint: the elf will probably play a big role in this last book).

  2. I wished I had started to read Harry. I’ve only ever seen the films, which I love. Matt has all the books on audio and is getting the new one on audio this weekend. I guess I should start now on book 1 so I can have book seven done in say, about a year 🙂

    Hope you’re doing well bud!!

  3. I agree with your review; the movie got the good bits and didn’t drag out the details.
    my hypothesis all along is harry becomes the new and lasting teacher at hogwarts as the Defense against Dark arts Teacher.
    it makes sense; there is a new teacher year and he certainly qualifies.
    i don’t plan on reading the last book right away so i am sure to eventually hear the outcome.

  4. I think I’m the only person left on the planet that hasn’t read a Harry Potter novel. ***Sigh***


  6. I’ve read all the books, up until the final one, which I started Saturday. Yes I waited in line shortly after midnight. I’m such a geekqueer…

    I’ve not seen any of the movies yet. I’m waiting until after I finish the books. I don’t want to ruin the image I have of the characters, in my mind. 🙂

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