They closed the Waterpark


asher4.jpgAlthough I could see it in their faces, they still managed to smile for the picture in front of the waterpark that closed down for rain.   I think I wanted to ride the big waterslides just as much as the kids did.  Asher got lots of Transformer toys, skateboards, lots of cool stuff.  So what do you do when the waterslide closes.   You take them on go carts, here’s his grandma and him racing around the tracks.   I only raced once, I was the last man out, and in #1 coming round the 5 minute stretch.  It was awesome, I caused a few collisions though.  No children were hurt, I only drove crazy around the grown folks.  We ended the night going to eat at a wonderful seafood place.  It was wonderful. 



~ by deveil on JulyUTCb000000amSun, 15 Jul 2007 08:29:26 +000007 19, 2007.

2 Responses to “They closed the Waterpark”

  1. Having just seen major amounts of rain in Orlando, I can see why they’d close the waterpark…..I mean, we have tons of rain here in Portland, but it’s spread out over the whole year….not six and a half feet in one afternoon! We missed you!

  2. YOU BIG KID!!! LOL.

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